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   Chapter 124 Uncle Is Coming

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Jenny didn't take his words seriously.

After all, she knew how to leave a way out for herself.

The gathering ended in discord.

Nancy and Shawn didn't go back to the company.

"Shawn, I want to take you to see Vicky."

In the sapphire blue Lamborghini, she took the passenger seat and turned her head slightly to look at Shawn, who was concentrating on driving.

In this world, besides her, Vicky was also the closest family member of Shawn.

These words seemed to have touched some thoughts in his heart, and he immediately raised the corners of his mouth.

"Okay, sister, let's go to the shopping mall first. It's our first meeting. As her uncle, I can't go there empty handed, can I?"

His joyful tone made her smile.

"That's good. Anyway, Vicky's uncle is a local tyrant. Today, I will let you spend money on behalf of her."

There was a burst of laughter in the car. The two of them chose to forget what had happened in the Luo family at the same time.

Outside the gate of Ryan's villa, Shawn parked the car.

Seeing that it was Nancy, the security guard at the door didn't ask much. He opened the door directly. It seemed that Ryan had given orders.

"Sir, I'm sorry that you can't go in."

However, Shawn, who was following behind her, was stopped by the security guard.

"I... Why can't I go in? "

Being stopped by the security guard, he was stunned.

Couldn't the security guard see that? He looked so much like Nancy.

"Mr. Ryan has told me that only Miss Nancy is allowed to get in and out freely."

The security guard told the truth.

She couldn't help laughing.

"He is my brother. How about I call Mr. Jin now?"

As she spoke, she was about to take out her phone.

After all, Ryan's house was heavily guarded.

There are so many security guards here. W

s definitely not an easy thing to open the door in her heart.

She let out a long sigh. She didn't dare to approach Vicky, but she hoped to be closer to Vicky.

"Nancy, don't be sad."

Of course, Shawn sensed that there was something wrong with his sister, so he patted her on the shoulder, stood up and walked towards Vicky.

"Vicky, guess who I am?"

He tried his best to talk to Vicky in an extremely happy tone. His purpose was naturally very simple. He just wanted her not to reject him so much.

Vicky looked at him with fear and shook her head.

Subconsciously, she held Zoe's hand tightly.

Zoe knew Shawn. After all, the press conference of GIO Group was a big event in the city.

"Vicky, in fact, he is your uncle. He came back from abroad to see you."

Seeing that it was difficult for Shawn to communicate with Vicky, she immediately took the responsibility.

Sure enough, for what she said, Vicky seemed to have a trace of expectation and joy on her face.

The feeling of being cared made her feel good.


She murmured this word.

At this moment, Shawn felt as if there was a current flowing through his heart. He was greatly touched, which was beyond words.

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