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   Chapter 121 The Truth Found By Accident

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This time, after seeing Vicky, Nancy had been in low spirits.

Vicky was not in a good condition now, which made her most worried. After all, she was at the age when it was time for her to develop her personality. Nancy was worried that the situation would get worse.

"Nancy, you don't look good."

Back to the villa, the first time Shawn saw Nancy, he found something wrong with his sister and couldn't help frowning.

Of course, he could guess the reason behind all this, but he was unwilling to mention Vicky in front of her.

"Shawn, do you still remember our childhood? How happy we were when mom was still alive. After my mother passed away, the world between you and me suddenly became dark. "

When she walked into the living room, her lonely figure was especially obvious. She had been thin, but now she looked thinner.

Hearing that, he lowered his head slightly. That feeling was the last thing he wanted to recall in his life.

"Nancy, I know said this because of Vicky, but it's not the time to take her back. She is also my niece. Of course, I also want my family to reunite. Think about our mom's death. Sister, you have to cheer up. "

What worried him most was that she would be distracted by Vicky.

Although this was a reasonable thing, the current development of GIO Company was still in the stage of need of support. Anyway, it could not go wrong at this moment.

If she wanted to know the truth, she had to hold on.

She nodded and turned to look at him slowly.

"Don't worry. I won't forget why I came back this time."

Three days later. The cooperation between GIO Group and the real estate company was officially settled.

Facing this big order, everyone in the company was nervous and dared not make any mistake.

"Miss Na

t let it go. Anyway, she must take Ryan back.

"By the way, have you found the person? Is everything settled? Now that their cooperation with the real estate industry is about to reach the climax, we can't afford to fail. "

Susan tried her best to hold back her dissatisfaction and anger. Now, the most important thing was how to deal with Nancy directly.

Only when the problem was completely uprooted would her life be peaceful and the Luo Group wouldn't be threatened.

"Don't worry. Everything is ready. Don't forget the benefits you promised me when it's done."

They were all people who cooperated for interests. All they thought about was interests. Except that, there seemed to be nothing else.

"I never break my words. Well, I won't stay here any longer. I don't want to be misunderstood."

After saying that, she picked up her customized Chanel bag from the desk and left the Gu Group.

On the way, her mood immediately dropped to the freezing point.

Aron intentionally or unintentionally revealed this to her, which successfully made her know clearly what she would do next. Anyway, she would not let Nancy go easily.

Ryan could only belong to her.

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