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   Chapter 120 The Photo Under The Pillow

Bossy CEO, Please Love Me Right By Jun Wen Characters: 5884

Updated: 2020-09-21 02:25

"Can I go to Vicky's room to have a look?"

After a long while, Nancy raised her head, looked at Ryan and asked.

"Of course. You can go upstairs."

Ryan agreed.

Today, he was not as excited as he was at the exhibition last time, but more composed.

After all, he always thought he was a loser when it came to Vicky. As a father, he couldn't give his child the best life.

As he thought of this, his heart was filled with more sadness.

Vicky's room was well decorated.

As soon as she entered, she felt as if she had entered a princess's castle, which deeply affected he

care of Vicky all these years. "

Even she herself thought she was guilty when she said this.

What she missed was the time when Vicky needed her mother's love most.

"Nancy, you are insulting me by saying thank you to me. I'm her father. No one in the world loves this child more than me. Although I'm powerful in business, I'm just a father in front of Vicky. "

When he said this, she kept staring at him.

She couldn't figure out what it felt like to have so many mixed feelings.

After all, this man's sense of responsibility made her involuntarily think of Joseph...

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