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   Chapter 119 Take It Easy

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"Shawn, stop saying that!"

Hearing this, Nancy immediately defended herself. How could she have a crush on Ryan?

However, it seemed that she couldn't even convince herself.

The personal exhibition was very successful, and the news media spared no effort to publicize this matter. She suddenly became the perfect designer in everyone's heart.

Soon, it was weekend.

Nancy got up early in the morning on purpose. She had to be more careful on the day to see Vicky.

After all, Vicky might be a little different now, but it didn't matter. She always believed that she could cross the gap.

"Shawn, I'm going out."

After freshening up, she said goodbye to her brother and left home.

At the gate of Ryan's villa, she stopped. He was more or less nervous. After all, this place carried too many stories.

"Good morning, Miss Nancy. Come on in! "

This time, the butler's attitude was obviously different. Ryan must have informed him in advance.

She nodded with a smile.

"Is Vicky up now?"

She knew that according to Vicky's current state, if she suddenly saw her, she would feel strange and might subconsciously escape.

Therefore, she had to be careful with every step. Only in this way could she get close to her.

"Miss Vicky has got up and is about to have breakfast."

The butler reported Vicky's situation to her.

Today, Nancy was dressed casually and wore a ponytail.

"Okay, I'll go inside and have a look."

After saying that, she walked into the villa. To be honest, she was very nervous, worried and excited now.

The mixed feelings made her speed up her pace.

In the dining hall, she saw Vicky.

She was sitting at the table, pick

d of mood made her feel very bad.

"It's okay. Take it easy."

Just as she didn't know what to do, her shoulder was patted, and the familiar voice echoed in her ears.

"Dad, you're back."

Seeing it was Ryan, Vicky jumped off the chair and walked to him.

He squatted down and held her up in a spoiled manner.

Knowing that Nancy would visit Vicky today, he worked overtime in the company last night and finished all the work.

After being intimate with Vicky for a while, he put her down.

She then went to other places to play, without any extra communication with Nancy.

"After you left, Vicky cut all those dresses. The doctor said that the child did it because she was angry."

"She was blaming me for leaving her so ruthlessly."

Hearing what he said, she felt as if her heart was cut by a knife.

Crystal liquid was constantly swirling in her eyes. She tried her best to hold back her emotions and did not let tears fall from her eyes.

Because she knew clearly that it was not the right time to cry.

Since Vicky became like this because of her, she had to get her out of that dark world.

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