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   Chapter 49 The Dispute Escalated

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"Nancy, it's all because of you! Weren't it for you, he wouldn't have ignored me just now! "

Because she couldn't talk to Ryan, Jenny vent all her anger on Nancy.

It was at this time that Jenny saw the full dress Nancy was wearing. She was very beautiful in it, just like a fairy from the heaven, which was such a feast to the eyes.

However, at this moment, Jenny didn't feel it was beautiful. She just felt that it was a satire to herself.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to have the money to buy such an expensive full dress. Nancy, the Luo family didn't give you any money. Did you use some special means to get the money? "

Jenny raised her eyebrows slightly, as if she had discovered something terrible. She looked disgusting.

"Do you really want to know where this dress comes from?"

Seeing that, Nancy felt that there was no need for her to continue to endure.

'Jenny is so vicious. How much pain she has in her heart? She must be full of frustration because of Ryan.'

Thinking of this, Nancy felt a little excited and complacent.

"Well, tell me!"

Jenny seemed to be sure that the dress was obtained by some dirty means, so when she knew that Nancy was going to reveal the answer, her tone was full of excitement.

"Do you think why I can sit in Mr. Jin's car in such a beautiful dress?"

Nancy said without revealing the answer directly.

Hearing this, Jenny frowned and looked a little uneasy.

Could it be the last thing she wanted to think of?

At the thought of this, Jenny's face darkened and her lips moved violently.

"Nancy, w

't even comb her hair before she arrived.

However, the scene shocked a little bit.

Ryan didn't seem to be angry at all. At this moment, the man in front of her looked happy than angry.

"Mr. Jin, why did you ask me to come so anxiously?"

Nancy couldn't help but feel puzzled.

Indeed, she had thought that she had done something wrong and irritated Ryan, but the current situation was totally different.

"Nancy, after the dinner last night, the relationship between you and me has been the subject of much speculation. So I think if we can pretend to be a couple."

Pretend to be a couple?

These words were like a bolt from the blue to her, making her stunned.

'Oh my God! What did he say?'

"Mr. Jin, I don't think I understand what you mean."

Nancy raised her wrist and rubbed her hair. The confusion on her face did not disappear. The man didn't seem to be able to give her the answer she wanted.

'But if he and I really become a couple, can I meet Vicky?'

Thinking of this, Nancy couldn't help smiling faintly.

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