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   Chapter 47 Disappointing Father

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In fact, Nancy was very clear about what Aron wanted.

"How is that possible? The Luo family had been looking forward to your return, hadn't they? "

A touch of uneasiness appeared on his face. He took a step forward and frowned slightly.

Seeing the look on his face, Nancy couldn't help despising him from the bottom of her heart. How would she fall in love with such a man before? And why could she not forget him?

"Don't you have a good relationship with Jenny? How could you not get such important information? It seems that Jenny doesn't take you as her friend? "

Thinking of what had happened three years ago, Nancy couldn't help trembling. She would never forget the pain that Jenny and Aron had brought to her. It was a lifetime memory that could not be erased.

There was a trace of embarrassment on his face.

"In fact, I have always been regretful for that matter. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I hope you can give me a chance."

It seemed that he didn't say it insincerely, but Nancy was unwilling to believe him for the second time.

"Aron, we have nothing to do with each other now. Since we can live our own lives, why should we mention the past? You will only make me hate you more. "

After saying that, Nancy turned around and was about to leave. Her task tonight was to be Ryan's female companion, not to talk about the past with Aron.

Perhaps it was because of what Nancy had said that he didn't stop her, but let her go.

It was not easy to find Ryan in such a big hall. In addition, she had no idea which clients he was talking with now.

However, Nancy still decided to find this man.

Somehow, Ryan always gave her a sense of security, which was unprecedented.

"Nancy, have you f


Maybe it was because she had been hurt by Aron, so her judgment of men was getting more and more accurate.

"Mr. Jin, can we talk about the project now?"

After being rejected by Nancy, Martin quickly changed the topic.

"Mr. Wang, you finally remember our cooperation? But I'm sorry. Two minutes ago, I suddenly decided to give up this project. It's just a case worth tens of millions. I don't want to do it. "

Hearing what he said, Nancy was a little surprised.

How could he say it was just a case worth tens of millions?

All of a sudden, Nancy felt that she was wrong about estimating the value of this man's property before.

"Mr. Jin, you..."

Nancy said in disbelief. Of course Ryan could tell from her tone, but he looked very calm.

"There are some things you don't understand. I know well what kind of person is the right choice for the cooperation."

After saying that, Ryan ignored her doubts.

He did make use of Nancy, but he just used her to see a person's true nature.

"Mr. Jin, in fact, at the beginning, I thought you would ask me to cater to Mr. Wang, so I said something a little outrageous just now."

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