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   Chapter 43 Struggle

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The next morning, as soon as the sun broke through the sky and shone on the ground, Ryan had arrived at the company building.

At this time, the Jin Group looked particularly lively in the morning sunshine.

In the high-level office area on the top floor, only Ryan was sitting on his customized office chair, with his chin on one hand, as if he was deep in thought.

Perhaps, he shouldn't be too rigid in some things. After all, it would hurt the closest person around him.

"Boss, why are you so early today?"

The moment he pushed open the door of the CEO's office, Daniel saw Ryan sitting on the chair. A trace of surprise appeared in his eyes. He stood still in a daze and said in disbelief.

"You come just in time. I would like to ask you about something. Should I..."

Hearing the voice of Daniel, Ryan let go of the hand that supported his chin. He frowned slightly, but swallowed back in the middle of his words.


Hearing that, Daniel frowned. He couldn't figure out what Ryan was thinking now.

"Vicky said she missed her mother very much last night."

That was all Ryan said in the end.

Hearing that, Daniel thought for a while and figured out something. A smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

"Mr. Jin, I have studied psychology. According to my analysis, I think you might want to give Nancy a chance."

Putting away his smile and he immediately putting on a serious look, Daniel said righteously, and his words seemed so normal.

However, it sounded a little weird to Ryan.

"I'm talking about Vicky. What are you talking about?"

However, Ryan immediately refuted.

"Boss, you should think in another way. Vicky has wanted to see her mother for long, but what's your attitude before? What's your attitude now? "

He had thought that they would always fight against each other.

"Do you think I will pity you as you make a pitiful face in front of me? "

The man's eyes were half closed, and his low and magnetic voice was lingering around Nancy's ears.

Was he going to refuse?

Nancy was unwilling to be refused like this. She wanted to see her child.

"It's not to pity me, but me and the child."

The woman opened her thin lips slightly and murmured. After that, she bit her lower lip tightly, as if waiting for the final judgment.

At this moment, her fate was tightly grasped by the man in front of her. If he refused, she couldn't get a rebirth.

"Nancy, don't mention the child in front of me!"

Unexpectedly, Ryan's got furious in an instant.

The man suddenly looked very bad, and the cruelty in his eyes was especially obvious at the moment.

The sudden increase of the voice made her body tremble uncontrollably. She had summoned up all her courage to come here to see Ryan today. Now, the man's attitude inevitably reduced Nancy's confidence.

At this moment, the woman was like a frightened bird, looking really pitiful.

"Nancy, who do you think you are?"

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