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   Chapter 40 The Master and Apprentice Relationship

Bossy CEO, Please Love Me Right By Jun Wen Characters: 5788

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The next morning, at the gate of the Luo family's villa, several suitcases were placed in disorder, which looked very unpleasant.

There was a deafening knock on the door of Nancy's room.

Nancy, who was still immersed in her sleep, twisted her body uneasily, as if her soul had not yet been extracted from her sleep.

However, as the knock on the door became louder, she gradually became sober.

Wearing pajamas, Nancy, who was sleepy, opened the door. At the door, Mandy was looking at her with a disdainful look.

"Nancy, I didn't find that you are such a shameless person before!"

'Huh? Shameless?'

Nancy frowned slightly, and then she seemed to remember something.

"Don't worry. Since I have promised you to move out, I won't go back on my word."

When Nancy said this, her face was full of disdain for Mandy.

This home didn't belong to her. Nancy knew that she couldn't live here for a long time.

"I've asked the servant to pack up your things. They're right at the gate of the villa. Don't say that I've never cared about you as an elder."

With a meaningful smile, Mandy turned around and disappeared from Nancy's sight, wriggling her charming body.

When Nancy returned to her room, she found that everything that belonged to her had really disappeared.

She didn't even leave any clothes for her to change.

Mandy must have done it on purpose! How could Mandy not be angry with her for slapping Jenny last night?

Nancy stood in the middle of the room, clenching her fists.

Two minutes later, Nancy appeared in the restaurant.

"Excuse me. Can you ask the servant to get me a dress for change?"

Since she was leaving, she didn't want to argue with Mandy again.

"You are going to

n was young, he was experienced. How could he not know what she was thinking?

"Mr. Zhou, I really don't need your help."

Subconsciously, Nancy took a step back. Her refusal was obvious in her tone.

"Since I'm your director, I have the obligation to be responsible for my subordinate. Get in the car."

Unable to refuse Ken's repeated invitation, she had to compromise.

"Mr. Zhou, where are you taking me?"

The atmosphere in the car made Nancy a little embarrassed. She and Ken were just colleagues. They had never met in private like this before.

"Look at you. If you don't have a place to go, you can go to my apartment first. Anyway, I don't often go back there and can lend it to you temporarily."

Ken said without hesitation. The concern in his words was obvious.

Nancy, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was greatly shocked when she heard that.

She had known Ken for just a few days.

"Mr. Zhou..."

"By the way, please call me master from now on. I had begged Ryan for so long in order to take you as my apprentice."

Somehow, Ken's words warmed her heart, like sunshine that she hadn't seen for a long time.

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