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   Chapter 39 I Only Want Your Answer

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Did Ryan mean he would drive her out of the company?

No, she wouldn't allow it to happen. It took her a lot of efforts. She could stay in the company as she was proved to be innocent after her work was plagiarized. She couldn't be fired like this.

However, since Ryan had asked her to get off the car, she wouldn't stay in the car.

No one could stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

"Well, Mr. Jin, I'm leaving now."

After saying that, Nancy stretched out her hand to open the door.

Her body, which had been warm, became cold again after hearing what Ryan said.

Nancy's hair was a little messy in the wind after getting off the car, but she couldn't calm down at the moment.

How did Ryan know? Was it because she met Vicky at the dinner party last time?

Nancy didn't want to believe it. After all, at that time, she didn't act strangely at all. When she was with Vicky, she was very cautious.

How did Ryan know?

Just then, a figure appeared in her sight, which seemed to be staggering.

At this time, it must be Jenny who appeared at the door of the Luo family.

Thinking of this, Nancy couldn't help but sigh.

Although she didn't like Jenny and the Luo family, she couldn't help paying attention to her.

"Jenny, you always go home drunk. Do you really think it's good to be like this?"

Nancy came forward and said in a somewhat sarcastic tone. After all, the woman in front of her had always been on top of her.

Hearing this, Jenny, who stumbled, immediately straightened up, although she had maintained this posture for just a short time.

"Oh. It's you, Nancy! My dear sister! What? Did Ryan come to you? Ha-ha, he has seen through your mind,"

was still in charge of the company and there was no property division plan for the time being, but this day would come sooner or later.

"You are just like your mother! You just keep thinking about the Luo family's property. I don't think you will have a good end like your mother! "

Mandy said to Nancy and helped Jenny up from the ground.


Nancy's body trembled again.

Her Achilles' heel was her mother and Vicky.

Tonight, the two women, Mandy and Jenny, accurately hit her Achilles' heel.

Nancy had never hated the women around her like this before.

Looking at the evil face, she clenched her fists.

However, this time, she would not hit her as she did just now, because she deeply understood that she was at a disadvantage now.

"Don't worry. I'll move out tomorrow. From now on, we won't disturb each other. I hope you can really live a peaceful life."

After saying that, she ignored the woman who was still screaming behind her and walked into the villa.

Since they wanted to provoke her, she would not give them a chance. She would never allow them to hurt her again and again.

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