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   Chapter 37 I Would Rather Choose Her

Bossy CEO, Please Love Me Right By Jun Wen Characters: 5199

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At the gate of Royal Kingdom Hotel.

The golden light made the delicately decorated hotel even more dazzling. Everything around seemed to be covered with a layer of gold, giving people a noble and contemptuous feeling.

Ryan's car slowly stopped at the door of the hotel. The waiter at the door immediately stepped forward and respectfully opened the door for him.

"Mr. Jin, we have prepared the box you reserved. Now let me take you upstairs."

After getting off the car, Ryan slightly straightened his tie. Hearing the waiter's words, he nodded slightly and followed him upstairs.

The box was quiet and elegant, and the decoration style was similar to that for homes, but Ryan didn't care about it at all.

"Well, get ready to serve the dishes."

After giving an order to the waiter, Ryan found a seat and sat down.

The reason why he asked to serve the dishes now was very simple. He didn't want anyone to disturb him when he was talking with Jenny later.

After all, this matter was very important to him.

About ten minutes later, all the dishes were served and Jenny appeared on time.

Tonight, she was wearing a sapphire blue lace dress, delicate but not exaggerated makeup, and a pair of white high-heeled shoes, which made her perfect figure proportion.

As soon as she entered the box, Ryan smelled a fresh perfume.

Obviously, Jenny was dressed up tonight.

However, even if she did so, it didn't seem to be of much use. Ryan had already showed that he was not interested in that woman a few years ago. How could he car

was no longer a secret between the two of them, Jenny was still a little scared when it was mentioned so openly.

"Ryan, I know I was wrong at that time, but now, Nancy is trying to get close to you with a purpose!"

Perhaps, the only way to minimize Ryan's dissatisfaction with her was to shift the topic to Nancy.

"You members of the Luo family have your own ulterior motives. You are not better than Nancy in this respect, aren't you?"

However, the progress seemed to be a little different from what she had expected.

Hearing this, Jenny was obviously at a loss.

"Ryan, I was wrong. But now, Vicky's matter is the most important, isn't it? If Nancy really succeeds, I'm afraid... "

Ryan hated her more when he saw that Jenny was especially considerate for him.

"If Nancy can't succeed, you will be the one who succeed, won't you? In comparison, I would rather choose Nancy's success!"

Ryan looked at the window. All his interest was gone at the moment. What happened three years ago came back to in his mind.

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