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   Chapter 36 An Anonymous E-mail

Bossy CEO, Please Love Me Right By Jun Wen Characters: 5647

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The next day, in the Jin Group.

Ryan just finished the morning meeting and went back to his office. Resting his head on the back of the chair, he was about to take a nap.

In fact, he had tense work every day.

Just then, an email popped up on the computer desk in front of him.

Ryan couldn't help feeling a little puzzled. After all, the system of the company was closed. Logically speaking, except for the employees in the company, no one could send emails in.

The sender's name was very strange to him.

Driven by curiosity, Ryan opened the e-mail with a serious look.

"Your daughter's biological mother is in your company."

The content of the e-mail was very short, only this sentence. However, it was exactly this sentence that made Ryan tremble violently.

Vicky's mother?

Ryan's heart began to beat faster. In this world, only things related to Vicky could affect his mind.

The man had sworn that he would never let Vicky meet her biological mother.

When Jenny lied that Vicky was the child of her and him, he had made up his mind.

"Daniel, come in."

Fortunately, two minutes later, Ryan calmed down. 'Maybe the news that he had a child is leaked out. Anyway, I must not panic before the matter is investigated clearly.'

"What's wrong, boss?"

As Ryan called him in a hurry, Daniel knew that it must be something serious. Otherwise, Ryan wouldn't be so anxious.

"Check an email to see who sent it for me. The faster, the better."

Daniel knew everything about Ryan, so Ryan didn't have to hide anything from him.

"How come?"

When he saw the e-mail, his face darkened. Did someone find out the well preserved secret of Ryan?


said indifferently.

"Here is the thing. Mr. Jin intends to ask you to have dinner with him at Royal Kingdom Hotel tonight. Would you like to come, Miss Jenny?"

Obviously, Daniel didn't have a good impression of her. This woman was too scheming. Fortunately, Ryan didn't fall into her trap.

"Tell Ryan that I will be there on time."

After saying that, Jenny hung up the phone.

'Ryan, let me see if you can still be as calm as a mountain!'

Jenny squinted her eyes. The coldness in her eyes was chilling.

Jenny had already guessed what the topic between her and Ryan would be at the dinner tonight.

'However, it doesn't matter. I just want to expose Nancy's true colors, so that this woman will never appear beside Ryan, let alone taking her daughter back.

Ryan can only belong to me, and no one can get what I couldn't get!'

Thinking of this, Jenny continued to smile and frowned slightly.

'I don't want things to go this way, but Ryan forced me to do so. He deserves it.'

The air in the huge office seemed to freeze. Under the delicate appearance of Jenny, her hidden heart was so elusive.

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