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   Chapter 35 Are We Familiar With Each Other

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Seeing that Jenny seemed to want to take the phone from her hand, Nancy hid it behind her back subconsciously.

However, she didn't expect that it aroused Jenny's curiosity more.

"No, you must have hidden something from me. Nancy, I must know!"

Jenny and Nancy didn't get along well with each other. Now, Jenny wanted to know the truth about the phone more.

"Jenny, can you stop it? There are so many people here. I don't want to lose face with you. "

There was a hint of coldness in Nancy's tone. After all, she could do anything to keep the photos in her phone.

Hearing this, Jenny stopped what she was doing. She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Nancy with a hint of mockery.

"Do you know there are so many people here? But you are smart today. You didn't show up in public, so that dad wouldn't have to explain for your matter. "

There was a sense of superiority in her tone.

For so many years, she was the beloved daughter of the Luo family, but what Nancy couldn't bear most was the insult to her self-esteem.

"No need. Now that the dinner is about to end, I'll go back first. I won't make things difficult for you. But even so, it won't change my identity as the daughter of the Luo family."

Nancy put the phone back into her bag and raised her head slightly. She inherited her mother's temperament. When she was confident, even without makeup, she could release a special charm.

Although Jenny was angry, she didn't show much dissatisfaction because she needed to keep her own image in public.

'Nancy, let's wait and see!'

At this moment

blame me for being merciless.'

Jenny clenched her fists and looked ferocious. Her appearance made people feel cold from the bottom of their hearts.

"Jenny, what are you doing here? We're going back! "

Joseph had been looking for her, but he didn't expect to meet her in the lounge.

"Oh... Nothing. Let's go, Dad. "

Seeing that it was Joseph, Jenny quickly calmed down. In a word, she had already known what to do next.

She would let everyone know that only she, Jenny, deserved Ryan.

The villa of the Luo family was unusually quiet at this moment.

Mandy had gone to bed. She seldom attended such activities.

As for Nancy, she was drawing in the room, leaving a lot of marks on the drawing board. She planned to design a dress for Vicky.

Although her main job was architectural design, she had innate advantages and talent in the field of clothing.

'Vicky, although I can't be with you for the time being, I believe this day will come soon. Dear baby, I love you.'

When Nancy thought of Vicky, her heart melted. She missed her so much

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