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   Chapter 30 I Want Her

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"Ryan, Ryan, what are you doing?"

Ken, Ryan and Kevin were good friends. The three of them were like three swordsmen.

Of course, they were on good terms with each other.

"You haven't had a formal meal with me since you came back from further study abroad. What's wrong? Don't tell me you came to me for work today. "

Seeing that it was Ken, Ryan immediately suspended his work.

"Well, you are right. I came to you today because of work. I think I have improved again after going abroad for further study! So I want to have an apprentice."


Ryan was surprised that he would have such an idea. After all, this man was a neat freak at work.

He seldom wanted something.

"Ha-ha, is there any apprentice you like in our company?"

Ryan became interested.

Hearing this, Ken put the design draft in front of him.


Of course, Ryan was very familiar with this draft. It was handed over by Linda and had been passed at the company's executive meeting.


Ryan was a little surprised, but he also thought it was reasonable. Linda was a senior employee in the company, and she had a good performance before. Therefore, if Ken wanted her to be his apprentice, it was reasonable.

"No, the original author."

Ken's words surprised him.

So Ken knew what was going on?

However, only he and Daniel knew this matter. How could he know?

Did Nancy find something and complain to him?

"Ryan, don't play dumb with me. I know what you are thinking. In fact, you have already known what happened, haven't you? "

Ken could read his mind. Because of his setback education, even if he knew the truth, he would not stick up for Nancy.

On the contrary, he would stimulate Nancy in this way.

"Well, sure enough, nothing can escape your eyes. But why Nancy?"

Although his secret was exposed, Ryan didn't take it seriously. He was curious about why Ken was interested in Nancy.

She was just a newcomer in the company.

"Talent? Can you understand? From what happened this time, I can see that Nancy is definitely not an ordinary designer. As long as she has a good opportunity and platform, she will definitely be able to make a great achievement. This time, I don't care what you think. You have to agree. "

Ken was as grumpy as Ryan.

"She is not a regular employee yet."

Ryan felt helpless.

Nancy hadn't passed the test period yet, and he didn't want to open the back door for this woman. After all, in his perception, she was definitely approaching him with a purpose.

"It doesn't matter. You can make the decision now."

It was normal that Ken didn't know the whole story.

"Let me think about it."

However, it was impossible for Ryan to agree so readily. It was not a small matter.

"What to think? I just want her. Ryan, you ca

n't refuse me. After I went abroad for further study, I came back and condescended to be a director here. If I quit the job and run my own company, I will make a lot of money! "

Ryan had no choice but to obey his request.

There was no doubt that Ken was a talent. Ryan was always grateful that he could stay to help him.

However, as for making money he said, Ryan knew that he was joking.

Ken was never a person who lusted for money. Perhaps it was because he was born in a rich family and never lacked money. In a word, he was a hedonist.

"All right, all right. I promise you. Since you have asked, what else can I do?"

Finally, Ryan compromised.

Ryan was efficient. Soon, Nancy received an email which told she had become a regular employee.

Looking at the e-mail on the computer screen, Nancy smiled.

"Nancy, I'm your master from now on!"

When Nancy was immersed in her own joy, Ken's voice came from behind.


Hearing this, Nancy frowned.

"Mr. Zhou, you..."

Nancy seemed to have understood something. It must be because of Ken that Ryan asked the HR Department to send her the e-mail so soon.

"From now on, you are my apprentice, so I will be responsible for you from now on. Nancy, work hard. Don't let me down!"

When Ken said this, he didn't mean to avoid it at all, and many colleagues around him also heard it.

Nancy suddenly felt as if she had a dream. The fact that the design draft was stolen made her feel that she couldn't stay in the company any longer. She didn't expect that good things would come one after another in the past two minutes.

Now, with the help of Ken, Nancy got a higher position in the Design Department.

"Great! Mr. Zhou, Nancy is so talented. I believe she won't let you down! "

However, judging from the current situation, the happiest one seemed to be Cathy, who was clapping her hands constantly.

"Congratulations, Nancy."

The colleagues around began to be nice to Nancy.

Sure enough, in such a situation, the most important thing was to keep a firm foothold.

Nancy smiled slightly. In fact, she didn't care much about other people's blessings, except for Cathy's.

After all, she knew clearly that these people all had an eye to the main chance.

Seeing that Nancy was finally happy, Ken didn't stay any longer.

At this time, Linda, who was still complacent about her victory, had no idea what had happened outside.

"Will Mr. Zhou accept my invitation tonight?"

Linda muttered as she browsed the surrounding Western restaurants on the Internet. She decided to invite Ken to dinner tonight. If the time was right, she might also express her love to him.

After all, Linda had had a crush on Ken for a long time. Now he had finally come back, so she didn't want to miss the good opportunity.

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