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   Chapter 29 I Believe You

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Originally, Nancy didn't plan to do anything, but at this moment, her mood seemed to be in a mess.

She really hoped that she could pluck up the courage to tell the truth, but at this point, she sadly found that she did not seem to have such a special ability.

"You can say anything boldly. Don't be overcautious in front of me."

The role Ken played now seemed to be very considerate, which made Nancy feel a little relaxed.

Maybe she should choose to believe the man in front of her once.

"Mr. Zhou, then I'll go straight to the point."

Nancy took a deep breath. The light makeup made her look good, but because of something, she looked a little tired.

"The element of glass is common in design, but this time, I think the glass is the main one. Linda uses the same glass. I think we should choose different materials in different places. In this way, after the real building is constructed, it can create a better effect."

Nancy didn't tell him directly that Linda plagiarized her design. She just spoke out her thoughts.

"So you had been studying this design today?"

Ken looked at her and asked.

"But I remember that you were absent-minded during the meeting."

Ken was worried that Nancy still didn't want to tell the truth, so he added.

Hearing this, Nancy pursed her lips and her face turned pale again.

She knew exactly why she was absent-minded.

However, even if she wanted to tell the truth, who would believe it? The fact that Linda contributed to the company had been deeply rooted in everyone's mind.

"Mr. Zhou, can I refuse to answer this question?"

Although Nancy wanted to tell the truth, she couldn't control her emotions and her eyes turned red.

Seeing this scene clearly, Ken couldn't help feeling a little depressed.

"You can say anything. I'm your superior, which means I should be responsible for your work. This is your only chance, Nancy."

Faced with Nancy's concealment, Ken actually had an impulse to protect her.

A drop of tear fell quietly on the floor. Nancy frowned deeply.

However, when she looked up, it seemed that nothing had happened.

"Mr. Zhou, if I tell the truth, you may not believe it. Linda plagiarized my design. This design was originally mine, but time was tight, so I didn't color it. When I wanted to color it, the draft was gone."

Nancy took a deep breath and said. She suddenly felt relieved.

However, she knew clearly that even if she said so, she might not be able to change anything.

Now, the top managers of the company had known that Linda was the chief designer, an

d the design was also finished by her. No one would believe the news suddenly appeared.

"Mr. Zhou, I told you this not for anything else. I just want to tell you the secret in my heart, without any superfluous thoughts.

Nancy emphasized, as if she was afraid that Ken would misunderstand her.

Yes, she just hoped that she could give herself some hope. If she said it, at least it was good.

"But now that I know the truth, I won't allow such things to happen again. If you are willing to believe me, I will help you."

Ken's words made her eyes full of disbelief.

What did he say? Would he help her?

Nancy didn't expect that Ken would say so.

"Mr. Zhou, you don't have to do that. Just take it as my loss. I will know how to deal with it in the future. Don't worry. I'm fine."

Nancy should be happy, but she chose to refuse. As for the reason, it was naturally very simple. Now, Linda was complacent. If her reputation was ruined because of Nancy this time, Nancy would have a hard time in the company in the future.

"There are still many chances in the future. I will be more careful."

Nancy added in a cautious tone. She didn't want others to worry about her.

"No, I don't think I'll ask about anything else. But I can't tolerate plagiarism. Don't be silly, Nancy. Don't worry. I'll handle it."

It seemed that Ken had made up his mind to do something. Even if Nancy tried her best to stop him, it was useless.

Such a situation made Nancy at a loss.

"Mr. Zhou, I know..."

"You really don't need to be worried. I have a good EQ."

He knew what she was worried about, so he couldn't help comforting her.

Hearing this, she felt much relieved, but it was difficult to hide her uneasiness.

She hoped that someone could help her, but at the same time, she was worried that things would get worse.

"Well, go to work. Wait for my good news."

After Nancy left, Ken looked at the draft on the table and frowned slightly.

It had been a long time since he met a talented designer like Nancy. Now, he finally had the chance. Of course, he wouldn't give up. He planned to train her.

After all, Ken, who had high requirements for design, was very satisfied with her work.

She had thought that he would have to make big changes to the project in the end, but now it seemed that it was unnecessary.

However, Ken felt that he should ask Nancy about the selection of glass materials.

Thinking of this, he went straight to Ryan's office with the draft. Before he dealt with it, he thought he should report to Ryan.

After all, he was the boss.

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