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   Chapter 28 Swallow

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However, even if she had known the truth, what could she do?

A plagiarized work was a different work after all. Moreover, her draft had long disappeared. Even if she exposed the woman in front of her, who would believe it?

In that case, she might be said to be jealous.

Nancy was in a bad mood and her face was pale.

How she wished all these were false, but now, the truth was just presented before her.

"Why do you still look so bad, Nancy? Do you feel uncomfortable? If you feel uncomfortable, please tell me. "

Cathy was very concerned about Nancy. She was worried about her.

But now the situation was so clear. Anyway, it was a foregone conclusion.

Never mind. Nancy kept comforting herself in her heart. Maybe this was what Ryan said about the workplace. Only those who had experienced it would understand how helpless it was.

"I'm fine. Listen carefully."

Nancy smiled at Cathy beside her. The uneasiness and sadness between her eyebrows were so obvious.

At this moment, the only hope she had was that Linda would make a mistake at the meeting.

After all, she could plagiarize everything, but the idea in Nancy's mind was not so easy to get.

Nancy could only wait for her mistakes.

"Good afternoon, everyone..."

Linda began.

Her presentation was indeed very wonderful. It was not difficult to tell that it was the quality of an old designer. With Linda's explanation, the whole design was also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Nancy kept her eyes on the final draft.

If it weren't for Linda, everything would have belonged to her now.

Thinking of this, Nancy felt a sharp pain in her chest.

She was sad, but she had to pretend to be strong. After all, this was the only thing she had left now.

"Well, Linda's presentation was very wonderful. I have to admit that I was very satisfied with it. Who else has any questions?"

After Linda's explanation, Ken stood up and continued to preside over the meeting.

Nancy's heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and her face looked a little uneasy.

Should she tell the truth?

Finally, after a strong struggle in her mind, Nancy raised her hand timidly.

This was the first time she had openly confronted Linda, so she was naturally a little worried.

"Linda, the whole design is very good. I admire you very much, but there is one thing that I still don't understand."

Nancy's words immediately attracted a lot of attention, and everyone looked at her.

Everyone thought it was a wonderful presentation. Why did she have any questions?

Everyone's interest was immediately aroused.

As Linda heard that, her face changed subtly. 'Is she going to embarrass me on purpose?'

Even so, Linda still maintained her usual style.

"There are many glass elements in the whole design, and the glass is made of different materials. Why?"

Nancy kept the glass design in mind. When this idea popped out of her mind, she was very happy, so naturally she focused on the glass.

However, although Linda's presentation was wonderful, she didn't mention anything about glass.

"Of course, maybe my question is a little strange. Maybe you think that glass can bring broad vision and avoid a lot of materials that are harmful to human body."

Nancy was setting a trap for Linda. Once Linda answered as she said, the plagiarism would be confirmed.

"Now that you have spoken out what I am thinking, do I still need to explain?"

Sure enough, Linda fell into Nancy's trap.

No one present seemed to feel anything wrong. Many decoration materials couldn't avoid a series of health problems, so the use of glass really reduced the occurrence of this kind of circumstance.

"Okay, Linda, I see."

The corners of Nancy's mouth raised slightly, and the smile on her face gradually bloomed.

"What's so important about your question, Nancy?"

Cathy couldn't help asking after Nancy sat down.

"Nothing. Maybe I was thinking too much just now."

Cathy was an innocent girl. Of course, Nancy would not tell her about it. Otherwise, according to this girl's character, she wouldn't make it big.

Among the crowd, only Ken showed a smile of gratification.

After the meeting, there were still many colleagues surrounding Linda and sending her their blessings. Their blessings were really sincere.

Of course, Nancy was not in the mood. She left the meeting room in a hurry.

She had kept what Linda had done in mind. She couldn't fight back now, but she believed that as long as she was willing to wait, she could find a solution.

"Nancy, come to my office."

As soon as she returned to her desk in a daze, she heard a man's voice.

It was Ken.

Why did he come to her?

Nancy was a little confused, but she still nodded. After all, Ken was her superior, and she dared not disobey.

After two minutes later, Nancy was in front of Ken's office.

She knocked on the door gently.

"You mentioned glass in the meeting today, which surprised me."

After Nancy got into the office, Ken took her to the rest area of the office. The two sat down, and there were two cups of steaming coffee in front of them.


It seemed that she couldn't understand his words. She tilted her head and murmured.

"Well, can you tell me why you thought of this question?"

Ken smiled slightly. He didn't look like a superior at all. He was natural and made her feel they were equal. In short, he made her feel very comfortable and choose to trust him unconsciously.

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