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   Chapter 27 The Honor Taken Away

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Before leaving Ryan's office, Daniel couldn't help teasing him.

It was not difficult to check the surveillance video, and Daniel soon found out the truth.

"Mr. Jin, what should we do next?"

Ryan's eyes fell on the screen of the computer, which recorded the truth of the matter.

"Ask Ken to use Linda's design directly and hold a celebration party for Linda."

He had thought that Ryan would stick up for Nancy. After all, after watching the video, even Daniel felt furious.

Nancy's hard-won fruit was stolen by Linda.

However, what Ryan said shocked him. Did he hear it wrong?


The disbelief in his words was particularly obvious at this moment, but Ryan still changed his mind.

Daniel had no choice but to do as he said.


The Design Department was in an uproar.

Ken had just come down and announced that the cooperation this time would be carried out with the design of Linda.

Nancy didn't expect that the result would come so soon and so violently.

Her body trembled violently on the chair. The wrinkles between her eyebrows were particularly obvious.

In the end, she lost, didn't she?

Linda's face was naturally full of joy. Getting such a good recognition meant that she could be promoted again.

"Mr. Zhou, thank you for your trust. I won't let you down."

Linda deliberately moved two steps towards Ken and said in a soft tone. It seemed she was eager to show her little woman's side before him.

However, Ken just smiled politely.

"Linda did a good job this time. I hope other employees in the department can learn from her. There are still many opportunities in the future. I hope you will not be discouraged."

While he said this, Ken's eyes fell on Nancy who was disappointed.

That was exactly what he wanted Nancy to hear.

Just then, Nancy raised her head and met his gentle eyes.

At this moment, she didn't know how to describe the sadness in her heart, but strangely, when she met this pair of eyes, there was a warm breath surging in her heart.

Although Nancy didn't know if she would be chosen if the draft was not lost, she still felt sad.

"Linda, now that the company has chosen your design, prepare for the meeting later and share your design experience with your colleagues. I will also attend the meeting."

Ken turned to look at Linda with a smile.

Hearing this, Linda was stunned. But it was Ken's request, and she had to do it.

So she had to nod and agree.

"The meeting will be held in half an hour."

Ken said again.

Half an hour!

Linda's face was completely pale. What should she do in such a short time?

She just made a slight change to Nancy's design and then colored it. How could she find the soul in this d

esign in such a short time?

Ken was a big shot in the design field. What if he found out something wrong?

Linda's worry made her look very different now.

However, in front of so many people, even though she was worried, she knew that she could not show it too clearly. Anyway, she had to solve the problem.

As long as she could be calm in the meeting, she believed that there would be no problem. After all, she had been in this circle for so many years. It was easy for her to deal with such a small problem.

With everyone's expectation, the meeting began.

After all, everyone wanted to see what the design chosen by Ken would look like.

Linda stood in the chair of the host. This time, she didn't need to prepare any PPT. She just needed to put the design drawing on the projector.

The meeting room was already full of people.

As Nancy hadn't shown up, Linda still felt worried.


Just then, Nancy appeared.

Linda immediately put down the microphone in her hand and walked towards her.

She knew that she couldn't hide it from Nancy at least.

However, Linda had already come up with a solution. Nancy was just a nobody in the company now. With her career experience in the past few years, she could deal with her.


Although Nancy was very disappointed, she didn't want to have a bad relationship with Linda, so she murmured.

However, she couldn't say congratulations.

"I hope you can be calm in the meeting room later, no matter what you see. After all, you can't do some things in this circle."

Linda's inexplicable words made her feel confused. She frowned slightly, and an ominous premonition surged up in her heart, but she didn't know what was going on.

After saying that, Linda went in. Ken was about to arrive and the meeting was about to start.

Nancy also followed.

After Nancy entered the meeting room, her eyes fell on the design draft subconsciously, which was what she wanted to see most today.

However, it would be better if she didn't look at it. Now, looking at it, she suddenly felt like falling apart.

The pattern on it was so familiar. The line was clearly carved according to her model.

Suddenly, Nancy's head seemed to explode.

She didn't know what to do, but she just stood at the door in a daze.

"Why are you standing here? The director will be here soon! "

Seeing her behave like this, Cathy couldn't help frowning. There was a strong sense of unease on her face, and she tried to pull Nancy away.

Effortlessly, Cathy dragged Nancy away.

Nancy finally understood why Linda said those things just now.

Linda was just trying to pave the way for her presentation. This design was made by Nancy, and she plagiarized it.

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