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   Chapter 25 Confrontation

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However, Nancy couldn't calm down to work. She kept thinking about where the design draft would be.

The last person who appeared in the office last night was not her, but Ryan.

The design draft was Nancy's, and she wouldn't dig a hole for herself. In this case, the most suspicious one was Ryan.

She began to carefully recall the scene when the two of them met. It seemed that every time, Ryan would intentionally or unintentionally imply her that it was not easy to become a regular employee of the company.

Did it have anything to do with Ryan?

As she thought of this, Nancy's face turned pale in an instant.

Perhaps, in her heart, she also agreed with this. All of this might have something to do with Ryan, or perhaps it was this man who did it.

Anger surged up in her chest. Anyway, she would not sit and wait to be bullied.

She could tolerate other things, but once it was related to her joining the company, she would not sit still and do nothing.

'Ryan, since you want to play tricks on me, don't blame me for confronting you.'

Thinking of this, Nancy pounded the desk, stood up from the chair and walked towards the elevator.

It was not difficult to see Ryan.

"I'm Nancy from the Design Department. I want to see Mr. Jin for something."

Ryan was in the high-level office area, and the receptionist was strictly guarded. Ordinary people were definitely not allowed to enter.

"I'm sorry, Miss Nancy. As far as I know, Mr. Jin doesn't ask to see you."

The receptionist wore a professional smile, and the two dimples on her face were very obvious, but when she spoke, her tone was full of coldness.

This made Nancy very uncomfortable, and her face began to change slightly.

"I have something very important to talk to him. Please call him in and tell him."

As soon as she thought that it might have something to do with Ryan, she was furious.

"Miss Nancy, I'm really sorry. If you have anything, you can report to your immediate superior, but you can't directly ask to see Mr. Jin."

The receptionist's attitude was still very tough.

Of course, Nancy knew that in fact, it was not because the receptionist was intolerant, but because she didn't dare to make any mistake when working in such an environment. Otherwise, according to Ryan's temper...

"What are you arguing for?"

At this critical moment, a man who was like Nancy's savior, appeared.


"Mr. Lan, it's me!"

Nancy said excitedly.

However, when his eyes fell on her, there seemed to be a trace of strangeness in his eyes.

After all, since the first day Nancy came here, the two of them didn't have much interaction. However, since Daniel had to face so many clients every day, how could he remember so many people?

"You... You look familiar, but I can't remember. "

Daniel knew that he must have met the woman

in front of him once, but he still couldn't remember her name after racking his brains.

"Nancy, I came here to report for duty a few days ago."

She didn't care about these. When people were in the most desperate situation, they were naturally unwilling to let go the only life-saving straw they had grabbed.

"Oh! I remember! Are you the designer brought by Mr. Jin in person? Why don't you go to work and come here? "

Daniel finally remembered her.

Nancy couldn't help smiling.

"I have something to talk to Mr. Jin, but..."

While speaking, Nancy made a few gestures with her hands. She pointed to the direction of the reception desk and told Daniel with body language that she was in difficulty now.

"Mr. Jin will only meet the superior leaders of all departments, so don't embarrass our beautiful receptionist!"

As he spoke, he winked at the receptionist, as if he was flirting with her.

However, it wasn't annoying.

"Come with me."

Daniel was straightforward. After all, after the gate of memory was opened, his memory about Nancy was restored.

'Boss seems to be very interested in her.'

Following behind Daniel, Nancy finally let go of the uneasiness in her heart.

"Mr. Jin is inside. You can go in by yourself. Don't tell him that I took you in!"

Daniel emphasized the last sentence.

Nancy stood at the door of Ryan's office.

It was her second time to come here.

Although she was a little nervous, she still tried to restrain her emotion and did not show too much uneasiness.

After all, the man inside was likely to be her stumbling block. When she faced Ryan, she should only be disgusted with him.

"Come in."

Ryan answered without raising his head.

The people who could show up here were all the high-ranking officials around him, so he didn't have to be so vigilant.

"Mr. Jin, nice to meet you again."

After entering, Nancy greeted him gracefully.

Hearing Nancy's voice, he was obviously stunned. Then he put down the golden pen with exquisite patterns in his hand.

"Who let you in?"

The man frowned and said unhappily.

"You don't need to know. I have something more important to tell you."

Nancy's tone was neither humble nor pushy.

In fact, on this point, Ryan was a little curious and puzzled. Why was this woman not afraid at all in front of him?

"What is it? I'm very busy now. Get straight to the point. "

Although he was dissatisfied, he had to admit that he really wanted to know what this woman would say.

Since he agreed, she wouldn't be hesitant.

"My design drawing is gone. Mr. Jin, I just want to ask if it has anything to do with you."

Nancy came straight to the point, and Ryan definitely knew what the design drawing was about, so there should be no big problem for them to communicate. After all, this project was not a small matter.

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