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   Chapter 24 The Gone Design Draft

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The next day, Nancy struggled to move her body, and a feeling of sourness suddenly came to her madly.

How could she feel so uncomfortable?

Her eyelids wriggled a few times and finally opened.

However, the scene in front of her was so strange.

"This... Isn't this Ryan's car? "

After Nancy became a little sober, she immediately realized where she was and sprang up from her seat.

She checked the time on her phone. It was still early.

'Oh, my God! Did I fall asleep in the car last night?

But why didn't Ryan wake me up?'

Nancy ran out of the car as fast as she could. Fortunately, the villa of the Luo family was next door, and no one saw her all the way.

After taking a shower and getting changed, she rushed to the company.

Today was the last hurdle. She needed to color the design. If she finished this key step, she could show it to Linda.

The morning sunshine and breeze could always make people feel refreshed and pleasant. Nancy walked on the road and couldn't help raising the corners of her mouth slightly.

In the company.

"Eh, why is my design draft gone?"

Nancy had almost turned the desk upside down, but she couldn't find the design draft.

She was the last one to leave the company last night. Logically speaking, it wouldn't be gone!

Besides, there were no other employees in the Design Department at this moment.

After searching around, she still got nothing.

Nancy slumped into the chair in low spirits, and her heart was beating faster. What should she do?

The design draft was gone, which meant that there was no chance for this project.

She had put so much effort in order to show her strength to Ryan and let this man know that she was not an incapable woman.

"Nancy, why do you look so bad?"

Cathy put the breakfast on Nancy's desk and frowned. Her tone was full of worry.

These days, Cathy brought breakfast for Nancy when she went to work.

"Cathy, my design is gone."

Nancy said in a low voice, but it was so quiet around that Linda, who was hiding at the corner, heard what she said. The woman's lips curled into a charming smile.

"You mean the design draft of the task arranged by Mr. Jin?"

Seeing that Nancy was so anxious, Cathy knew that it must not be an ordinary design draft, so she raised her voice.

"Hush! Keep your voice down. I'm so anxious. Today is the last day. But now the draft is gone. What should I do? "

said Nancy, burning with anxiety.

It was not difficult to see from her eyes that she was worried.

However, Cathy could only be anxious and could not have any better way.

"Don't worry, Nancy. Anyway, you should explain to Linda first and let her give you more time. Do you still remember your design? You may draw another one. "

Holding Nancy's hand, Cathy said in an uneasy tone.

Although what she said was true, Nancy knew that Linda

couldn't allow it. That woman was eager to see her in trouble. How could she be so generous to give her more time?

Just then, Linda came in.

"Linda, well..."

Cathy and Linda happened to face each other, so she first saw Linda.

Nancy was a friend of Cathy, so without hesitation, Cathy was about to tell Linda what had happened.

She didn't know how many conflicts had happened between the two of them, and it was inevitable for her to be impulsive.


Fortunately, Nancy was fast enough to stop Cathy from talking more.

Seeing her reaction, Cathy had to hold back what she wanted to say.

"What's wrong? What happened? "

Today, Linda was not as harsh as she used to be. On the contrary, when she asked this question, there was even a hint of concern in her tone.

This made Nancy a little confused.

But in the end, it was replaced by panic.


Nancy said in a low voice. Obviously, she couldn't rely on Linda. It would be better for her to figure out a way by herself to see if she could make it through first.

"If you have nothing else to say, start working early. Oh, by the way, remember to give your design drawing to me before noon. It's time to show it to Mr. Zhou in the afternoon."

Linda said as she walked towards her office. The briskness in her tone always gave Nancy a bad feeling.

Before noon? Nancy couldn't help taking a deep breath, and her body trembled subconsciously. Even if she could finish the design drawing in such a short time, it was definitely not carefully made.

After Linda left, Cathy still held Nancy's hand tightly.

"Why don't you tell her about it, Nancy?"

There were both worry and blame in Cathy's tone. After all, she did it for the sake of Nancy. She didn't want anything to happen to Nancy.

"Forget it. I lost the design draft in my own hands. In this case, it'll inevitable make others feel that I'm making an excuse for my negligence."

Nancy sighed slightly.

She had thought that everything could be settled smoothly, but she didn't expect such a change to happen now.

An hour later, Linda appeared again.

"Nancy, have you finished the draft? Mr. Zhou has urged me several times. I have to bring it to him now. "

Linda didn't seem to be lying.

However, what she said made Nancy's heart sink.

At this moment, she hadn't even finished half of the draft. How could she reach the final one?

Was she really going to miss this opportunity?

"Nancy, the draft!"

Seeing that Nancy didn't answer, Linda got angry. She raised her voice, with a hint of disgust for Nancy.

She didn't want her time to be wasted like this.

"I'm sorry, Linda. Something goes wrong here. How about you give your draft to Mr. Zhou first?"

Maybe she could hand over her draft to Ken in person after it was finished. She didn't think that Ken was a stereotyped man.

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