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   Chapter 22 Relationship Breakdown

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Seeing Nancy, everyone stopped talking abruptly.

In fact, Nancy didn't feel anything strange about this. After all, she was a newcomer. At present, except for being close to Cathy, no one else in the company had integrated Nancy into their group.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little depressing. Nancy didn't expect that her words would cause awkward silence in an instant. She felt a little sad.

"Well, it's okay. I'm just too tired drawing. I want to see what you are doing. Well, you can continue..."

Since she was the one who caused the awkward silence, she should end it.

When she came back to her desk again, Nancy really felt her head was pounding.

Why did things suddenly turn out like this?

Nancy had been worried for two days. Yet, finally, these gossips were still heard by Linda.

Although Linda was an experienced designer, she was still much far inferior to Ken in terms of reputation. Therefore, everyone naturally thought that Linda wanted to make friends with Ken of a higher social position.

Linda had always been proud. How could she accept this?

"Nancy, come to my office."

With a hypocritical smile on her face, Linda crossed her arms over her chest and held her head high.

Seeing this, Nancy already knew what was going on.

Bad luck came, and she couldn't stop it anyway.

Linda's office was not big, but it was at least a closed space. No matter what they said inside, no one outside could hear them.

"Do you know why I want talk to you?"

Linda still kept her arms crossed over her chest, looking at Nancy in front of her. The sternness between her eyebrows was particularly obvious.

As she heard this, Nancy's f

thing in the end.

"Mr. Zhou, why are you here?"

Seeing that it had been covered up, Linda began to circle around Ken. After all, Ken was her dream lover. If she could stand by this man's side through her own efforts, she would definitely do anything at all costs.

Therefore, the multinational cooperation this time was the opportunity Linda had wanted.

No matter what, she would do her best this time.

"I also want to talk about the project with you. I know that Ryan attaches great importance to the cooperation, so I hope our Design Department can satisfy him."

Ken raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

Indeed, any project with his participation would be a success in the end.

"When I came in just now, I passed by Nancy's desk and saw the design drawing on it. I have to admit that she's very talented."

Hearing this, Nancy was shocked.

She was a little surprised to be praised by Ken.

What's more, those sketches were obviously drawn by her casually. She didn't even pay attention to the proportion, but Ken gave such a high evaluation.

However, Linda's brows were knitted tightly.

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