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   Chapter 19 Peeping

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At night, the lights of the Design Department on the fifth floor of the Jin Group suddenly lit up.

Linda looked around and found that no one would be in the company at this time, but in order to make sure, she still maintained a cautious style.

She tiptoed to Nancy's seat. Soon, Linda's eyes fell on the design draft.

'What a careless woman! How could she leave such an important thing on the desk so casually?'

Seeing this scene, Linda couldn't help shaking her head and chuckling, but there was also a burst of joy in her heart. It was precisely because of this that she didn't have to spend time and energy to find the paper.

There was still a trace of disdain in her eyes. She thought that people like Nancy could only figure out few design plans, even if she had hollowed out her head!

However, her view had completely changed after she saw the draft.

After all, Linda was an experienced designer. Although Nancy only drew a few sketches casually, it was not difficult to see something from it.

First of all, it was certain that Nancy had a lot of thoughts that were exclusive to her.

Linda couldn't help frowning. If Nancy was really recognized this time, she would have a hard time in the Design Department in the future.

Thinking of this, Linda suddenly had a wicked idea.

No matter what, she couldn't take any risk, especially when her status was threatened. She should try her best to make herself stronger. Only in this way could things go as she imagined.

Thinking of this, she took out her mobile phone and photographed all the design sketches.

'Nancy, I've been in this industry for a much longer time than you. You're still too young to fight me!'!

It was rare for Linda to wear flat shoes. After she finished what she needed to do, she immediately left the company.

The next morning, the dawn began to sweep away the darkness of the ground slowly. Nancy also woke up from her dream.

This was the Luo family's house. Although the Simmons bed under her was designed by the top international designer, which was especially fit to the human body, she still didn't sleep well.

She even didn't have a better sleep that she did in the prison in Montreal.

Nancy knew that it was not because of anything else, but because of the family, which brought her nothing but disgust.

After getting up and washing up in a hurry, she went downstairs.

She didn't expect to meet Jenny in the living room in the early morning.

"You're back, sister?"

Jenny was obviously shocked when she saw Nancy coming downstairs. Last night, when Nancy had a verbal dispute with Mandy, she was not at home.

Looking at the dress of Jenny, she immediately guessed where she had gone to last night. Judging from the makeup on her face and the sexy slip dress

in the wind coat, she must have hung out for the whole night.

"It seems that your life is rich and colorful. No wonder Ryan abandoned you at that time. He should not like a woman as dissolute as you, right?"

It seemed that they were destined to have a quarrel when they met. Nancy didn't show mercy to her at all. She couldn't help saying harsh words.

As she heard this, Jenny's face turned pale. She stared at Nancy in front of her with a murderous look in her eyes, as if she would burst out at any time.

"What? Did I say anything wrong? "

Seeing the exasperated look on Jenny's face, Nancy couldn't help feeling much better, with the corners of her mouth slightly upward.

"Nancy, I hope this is the last time you speak rudely to me. Don't forget whose home is this! Don't do anything just because your surname is Luo. It's just the Luo family's sympathy and charity for you! "

Jenny's words were very clear, and the expression on her face was also full of warning to Nancy, as if she was constantly reminding Nancy in front to be careful when talking to her.

Sympathy and charity? Nancy snorted. She didn't need it at all.

"Jenny, how did you and your mother drive my brother and me out of this house step by step? I believe you know better than I do. I just want to tell you that good and evil will be rewarded. Don't be too proud too soon."

It was the morning, and Nancy didn't want her mood to be ruined by the woman in front of her, so she said.

However, after saying this, Nancy's heart twitched uncontrollably.

How is Shawn now?

However, the pain in her heart quickly disappeared. Nancy didn't want to show any cowardice in front of Jenny, which would only make her more complacent.

Nancy didn't want to continue the stalemate with Jenny, so she left the Luo family without even having breakfast. After all, she had no appetite in such an atmosphere.

When she arrived at the company, most of the colleagues hadn't come yet.

Sitting on his chair, she looked at the design sketches she drew yesterday in a daze. Her mind was blank. All the inspirations and ideas were gone in an instant.

She had too many missions, such as to get close to Vicky and to find her brother. All of these had made her breathless.

"Nancy, why did you come so early? It seems that you are confident in this design? "

When Nancy was immersed in her own emotions, she heard Linda's voice.

Nancy had to frown slightly and quickly pulled herself back from that uneasy mood. She knew that she had to be on guard against Linda.

"Good morning. I was thinking about some personal things just now. It has nothing to do with the design."

Nancy didn't want to talk the design with Linda, so she planned to change the topic. After all, she had no inspiration now.

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