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   Chapter 18 Get Everything Back In Person

Bossy CEO, Please Love Me Right By Jun Wen Characters: 5537

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The window of the Lamborghini car slowly rolled down. A head stuck out from the driver's seat with an excited smile on his face.

Kevin was surprised to meet Nancy on the street.

At the beginning, Nancy didn't realize that someone was calling her. She still stumbled all the way to hail a taxi, but she failed.


Kevin had no choice but to call out her name. Could she still not hear him?

Sure enough, Nancy finally noticed Kevin.

'The savior...' The moment she saw Kevin, Nancy frowned slightly. She felt a little embarrassed to be seen by him.

It seemed that every time they met, she was most dejected.

Nancy's red eyes made Kevin realize that something unpleasant might have happened to her just now.

Kevin was a gentleman after all. Realizing that Nancy was unhappy, he would not continue to rub salt in her wound.

"What a coincidence! Why are you here?"

After calming herself down, Nancy frowned and seemed not satisfied with her current state.

"It seems that you can't hail a taxi. Come on. I'm going to Ryan's home anyway. Aren't you neighbors? I can give you a ride!"

As Kevin spoke, he got out of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat for her.

It was hard to imagine that a serious man like Ryan would have easygoing friends.

Originally, she didn't want to bother Kevin, but feeling peak just now, she clearly realized that it was not an easy thing to hail a taxi now. In that case, she had to trouble him.

It was the first time for her to enjoy the night view of the city so close since she came back.

The city had changed a lot in the past three years.

Many places used to be small streets, but now they had become downtown.

Everything was progressing, and it seemed that only she had been in a lukewarm state.

"Here we are."

If Kevin hadn't asked, Nancy would not have noticed that they had arrived at the destination.

At this moment, Nancy suddenly felt that the man beside her had a special charm. For example, he did not disturb her during the whole journey, as if he could see that she had something on her mind.

"Thank you, Doctor Lu."

After saying that, Nancy got off the car.

The villa of the Luo family came into her sight. She should have hated this place very much. After all, this was the beginning of her nightmare, and also the place where her nightmare continued.

However, the reason why she chose to come back here now was very simple. She just wanted to fulfill the small dream in her heart.

After all, she wouldn't flinch so easily, nor would she allow Joseph and Jenny to hurt her.

"Miss Nancy, you are back."

The nanny's face darkened when she saw Nancy. She seemed to be a little scared and worried.

The servants we

re very accurate about the relationship of this family. Before Nancy appeared, this was a happy place, but once Nancy appeared, the pattern would change dramatically.

"What? This is my home. Is there anything wrong with my coming back? "

The confusion in Nancy's eyes was particularly obvious. The servants beside her also raised the corners of their mouths slightly, but there was also a faint sneer in their smile.

In other words, these servants probably knew that she had no status in the family, so they didn't take her seriously.

"Oh, I was wonder who was coming. I didn't expect it's you, such a jinx! "

The sharp voice of the woman soon reached Nancy's ears. Nancy heard every word clearly.

As expected, Mandy was not easy to deal with. At this time, she was doing hair care and came downstairs with a towel wrapped in it. The way she walked was very coquettish.

In a word, Nancy didn't understand why Joseph had been willing to live with such a tramp for so long. In Nancy's mind, such a woman should be hated most by men.

"This is the Luo family. My surname is Luo. What do you mean by that? Do you mean that people surnamed Luo all have the temperament of a jinx? "

Of course, Nancy wouldn't spare Mandy. She knew that although Mandy always held her head high, she was still afraid of Joseph.

After all, Joseph could make her lose everything by a word.

"What are you talking about? When you were in the Luo family, it was prosperous. Now that you're back, maybe you'll make trouble for us! "

Mandy, of course, immediately emphasized the point. She thought Nancy was too young to set a trap for her!

"I've told you that I came back this time to take my child back. If you don't want to see me make trouble, help me take back my child."

Nancy's purpose was very clear, so even if Mandy looked pale and her body was trembling as she was pissed off by Nancy, she still said these words.

"Aren't you very capable? Why don't you ask Ryan for your child? You don't dare to go. Why do you only act wildly in front of me? "

Obviously, Mandy was also very angry about this matter. She had thought that with this child, she could make Jenny marry into the Jin family successfully. On the one hand, it could help the Luo family grow stronger, and on the other hand, it could fulfill Jenny's wish.

However, in the end, all this went against her will.

And in Mandy's heart, of course, she thought that Nancy was too unlucky, so the child inherited this kind of bad luck from her, which caused the original good plan to collapse all of a sudden.

"It was you who sent my child to Ryan. I will only say it once. The person who hurt me will never live a good life for too long. I will get everything back in person."

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