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   Chapter 17 We'd Better Not Meet Again

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After Nancy had sketched for the whole afternoon, it was time to get off work. Cathy appeared beside her on time and was about to ask her to have dinner.

"How about we have a buffet roast, Nancy? I haven't been there for a long time. "

Holding Nancy's hand, Cathy said like a spoiled kid.

Hearing this, Nancy nodded in agreement. In this city, Cathy was her second friend besides Shelly. Naturally, she cherished this office friendship very much.


As soon as she arrived at the door of the company, Nancy heard a deep and magnetic male voice.

Her heart began to ache. If she guessed right, the voice belonged to him...

It was strange that he knew she was here.

It was not strange. After all, he could get any news about her from Jenny.

Following the voice, Cathy saw a handsome and tall man. But for some reason, she always felt that this man was staring at Nancy with an apologetic look.

Besides, it seemed that Nancy didn't want to talk to him at all.

"Nancy, someone is calling you!"

Confused, Cathy nudged Nancy to remind her.

"Cathy, leave him alone."

Nancy held her hand and was about to leave.

"Don't do this, Nancy!"

Unexpectedly, as soon as Nancy took a step forward, she was stopped by Aron.

The postures of the three people looked a little strange. The stalemate also made Nancy a little worried.

"Nancy... If you have something to do, I'll go to have dinner by myself. It doesn't matter. "

It seemed that Cathy had understood something. There might be some emotional entanglement between the man in front and Nancy. In that case, she couldn't stay here as the third wheel!

Thinking of this, Cathy shook off Nancy's hand and left in a hurry.

"Let's have a talk, Nancy."

He still looked apologetic, and the wrinkles between his eyebrows were so obvious. They hadn't seen each other for a few years, but his appearance didn't change much. He was just a little more mature.

However, Nancy didn't know if he had deliberately disguised himself in front of her.

"Sir, please show some respect. I don't think we are familiar with each other."

Nancy said coldly, looking at the hand holding her arm.

At this moment, the tide of memory was surging towards her. Everything between him and Aron, good or bad, emerged in her mind.

However, the final memory froze when this man and Jenny worked together to deal with her. Nancy swore that she would never forgive him.

"Don't do this, Nancy. I've been trying to contact you since you came back."

It sounded like he was wronged!

Nancy sneered.

"Don't make yourself look so sincere. It's better to say you found me by Jenny. You can now only get information from a woman. Don't you think you are useless?"

The man she used to be most familiar with now became the one she hated most. What happened during this made her almost col


Fortunately, time made her calm down completely.

"Listen to me, okay? Let's find a place to sit down and have a talk."

But Aron was still unwilling to give up.


Nancy, who had only wanted to stay away from this man, unexpectedly agreed.

Perhaps, in her heart, there was still some concern. How could she really forget the past so easily?

At an open-air cafe in the city center.

"I've ordered your favorite cappuccino,"

Aron murmured, as if trying to please her.

The coffee was still steaming, and even a hint of bitterness could be smelled through the white mist.

Nancy frowned slightly and couldn't help letting out a sigh. At this moment, she had a feeling as if she had been separated from the world, as if Aron in front of her was still the same. He treated her wholeheartedly, as if the two of them were still in the passionate love as they were in the past.

However, when Nancy raised her eyes and fixed them on the face of Aron, she clearly realized that some things had already been in the past.

"Aron, your biggest weakness is that you are too confident. Why do you think I still like cappuccino? It has been three years. How many things can be changed in three years? "

Nancy looked at the man in front of her without any scruple.

"I know you came back this time for the child, Nancy. Maybe I can help you..."

The expression on his face had changed for many times, as if he had been looking for the courage to say that.

Child... The word accurately stimulated the sensitive nerves of Nancy.

Why did Aron know that? It was a secret hidden in her heart.

Nancy's breathing became a little rapid. She hated the feeling of being seen through, as if she was naked in public.

The expression on the woman's face changed, which made Aron confirm his suspicion.

After all, he was involved in the matter of the child and the one night stand between Nancy and Ryan.

"In fact, in the past few years when you were in Montreal, I had been repenting. I'm sorry, Nancy. I hope I can do something to make up for the hurt I caused to you before."

He continued to persuade her with words.

"No need. If you really want to help me, I beg you not to appear in front of me for the rest of your life. Aron, we'd better not meet again."

With her bag in her hand, Nancy ran away from the coffee shop as if she was fleeing. The surging feelings in her heart were beyond words.

This kind of uneasiness had been spreading in every cell of her body, and tears were constantly spinning in her eyes. Unfortunately, it was the peak time, and she could not take a taxi at all.

Nancy had been running all the time, as if only in this way could she temporarily keep her mind away from what she had just talked with Aron.

Nancy didn't notice that a sapphire blue Lamborghini was slowly approaching her.

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