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   Chapter 15 Impress

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After settling down Vicky, Ryan rushed to the company.

Recently, the company received a big order. Today, Ryan organized the people in the Design Department to discuss the design plan.

As the partner of this cooperation was a multinational enterprise, the requirements for the construction design were very high. They had to be combined with charm of the East and the flamboyance of the West. Separated, it was not difficult for the old designers, but combined, it would be a nerve-racking thing.

The atmosphere in the meeting room of the Design Department was a little tense.

Ryan seldom presided over meetings in person, so this time, everyone hoped to behave well in front of him and gain recognition.

Linda, in particular, had made great efforts, which could be seen from her coquettish outfit.

Nancy leaned against the desk, with a pen in her hand and even wore a pair of glasses. Last night, because of Vicky, she didn't have a good sleep all night. Today, her eyelids were swollen, so she had to appear in the company like this.

At this moment, Nancy also chose a corner. Cathy was very enthusiastic, so she sat in the back row with her.

Anyway, Nancy didn't plan to attract much attention now. She hadn't been in contact with design for three years, and a lot of things needed to be updated.

"Go straight to the point. I don't want to hear any extra word."

The meeting room was completely quiet. At this moment, Ryan was sitting on the president's seat, looking a little tired. The secretary considerately prepared him a cup of black coffee.

As soon as Ryan said this, the nervous atmosphere became more serious.

Everyone looked at each other carefully. No one dared to be the first one to speak.

Although it was a meeting, the presence of Ryan changed the atmosphere.

"Mr. Jin, I'm Linda. I have my own opinion on the requirements of the partner. I don't know..."

Sure enough, Nancy was right. Linda would definitely try her best to show herself in front of Ryan.

However, Nancy also guessed that Ryan would not like a woman like her.

"Just say it. I don't want to hear anything unimportant."

As expected, the wrinkles between Ryan's eyebrows suddenly became particularly obvious, and his eyes never rested on Linda from beginning to end.

She wanted to show off, but she was treated like this by Ryan as soon as she spoke. Linda must be in a bad mood.

"Well, here is the thing. Since the other party's request is to combine the two styles, I think the best way is mix-and-match."

Ryan didn't agree with her words.

After all, mix-and-match was always the lowest level in the design field. Linda had worked for years, so what she said was naturally counter-productive.

Seeing that Ryan's face didn't change much, Linda showed an awkward expression.

She returned to her seat sulkily and frowned.

Fortunately, no one spoke out her opinion now, so Linda didn't lose face for the moment.

At this tim

e, Nancy, who had been sitting in the back row without any action, involuntarily began to draw a picture scroll in her mind.

The flamboyant style of the West could be completely displayed outside the house, while the restrained beauty of the East could be shown through the internal decoration.

At that time, she only needed to put some effort on the color, and the design this time would not be too bad.

However, she felt there was something wrong.

The partner this time, who made Ryan stand out in person, must not be easy to serve.

And the structure she had just imagined was indeed too simple. Maybe she couldn't catch people's interest in this way. Maybe she should add something more?

"Mr. Jin, I want to ask you a few questions."

Under everyone's gaze, Nancy stood up. With a notebook and a pen in her hand, and wearing a pair of glasses, she looked a little silly, with strong bookishness.

It was this woman.

Ryan frowned slightly, but he seemed to be satisfied with what Nancy had just said, so he nodded. He also wanted to see what kind of question this woman could ask.

"First of all, you has met the partner. May I know the partner's requirements for the combination of the two styles? Does he attach equal importance to the two styles or prefer one style? Second, every design should have a theme. This time, I think you must have a scope in your heart. Can you share it with us? "

After asking the two questions that she wanted to ask the most, Nancy sat down, but she was a little nervous, wondering if Ryan would deliberately make things difficult for her.

After all, in the eyes of Nancy, the relationship between her and Ryan was like ice and flame.

There was a dead silence in the meeting room. Ryan's eyes swept the whole meeting room clockwise, as if he was observing everyone's expression.

Most of them despised Nancy.

Ryan knew what they were thinking. They must think that it was the communication between the senior executives and the other party. They were just designers, and they only needed to think according to the basic requirements. Therefore, it was not a good thing to know too much. Instead, it would make the boss think that they were deliberately getting close to something.

"Does anyone present have the same feeling for the question Nancy just asked?"

Ryan said in a low voice.

Silence fell...

"It seems that you are not qualified designers. As a designer who can design a work with soul, the first prerequisite is to understand the requirements of the customers. Only when you know the real thoughts of the customers can you fit the taste of the customers. You should not just use your proud designs to impress the customers with your mouths all day long. A good work can penetrate into people's heart. "

When he was speaking, Ryan's eyes fell on Nancy several times.

He didn't expect that what surprised him most today was the woman who had been scheming in his heart...

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