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   Chapter 14 A Mysterious Figure

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The first day in the company was unforgettable for Nancy.

She saw the bright side and the dark side of the company, but she knew that even so, she had to face it.

It was time to get off work, but she was sitting in front of the desk in the corner in a daze. Vicky's appearance, like a movie scroll, lingered in her mind.

'How is she doing now? Would she feel scared in a thunder night? Without her mother's embrace, would her growth be complete?'

A series of thoughts flashed through Nancy's mind, making her feel as if she was going crazy. The uneasiness in her heart was getting worse.

No, no, she had to go to see Vicky. Even if she could only take a look at her from a distance, she would be satisfied.

Thinking of this, she made a decision in an instant. Tonight, she would go outside Ryan's villa to try her luck.

As the night fell, the lights were on and the color of the sky changed in an instant.

The night wind blew Nancy's face and brushed her hair. The light of the villa had already reflected in the woman's eyes.

However, her steps became heavy.

The building was now so cold in front of her. This time, Nancy tilted her head and looked carefully at it.

There were two gates on both sides of the villa. They seemed to be connected, but after careful observation, she found that they were not easily connected.

Looking in the direction of one of the doors, she saw a crystal light projected from the living room of the villa.

'Is Vicky inside now?'

Nancy's heart was tightly grasped by Vicky. The childish face in her mind couldn't be erased.

Now she could finally appear here legally. Although she couldn't tell Vicky that she was her mother, at least she had taken the first step.

But why didn't she feel happy at all? She felt a sense of loss, but she didn't know why.

At this moment, in the villa.

"Ryan, didn't you say that you would help me find my mother? Why haven't you got any news yet? "

Vicky's childish voice pierced through her Princess Room, which was decorated like those in fairy tales. At this moment, Vicky, with her slightly curly hair hanging lazily on her shoulders, looked at Ryan in front of her with a touch of anger in her eyes.

And only in front of Vicky could Ryan show his only good temper in his life.

He didn't get angry even if a little girl pointed at his nose and scolded him in such an angry tone.

He just felt sorry for the girl.

"Vicky, be good. It's late. You should go to bed."

Ryan was more than 1.8 meters tall. At this moment, in order to coax Vicky to sleep, he knelt on the pink princess bed, bowed his back and tried to put her on the pillow.

"I want my mother. I want my mother..."

Vicky seldom made trouble like this. For some reason, she always talked about her mother in front of Ryan these two days.

"I can feel that my mother is very close to me now. I wan

t my mother..."

What Vicky said sounded like a fantasy, but it made Ryan's heart clenched.

"Well, Vicky, your mother has left you since you were born. She doesn't deserve to be a mother."

Ryan clenched his fists with anger. A few veins were visible on his fists, and his anger was beginning to show.

From the very beginning, when Jenny came to him with the child in her arms and told him that she was their child, Ryan had already known that Jenny was not the child's biological mother.

However, it was a pity that until now, he had not been able to find out the whereabouts of Vicky's biological mother.

Even if he found out, what he wanted to do was not to bring this woman back, but to let her receive the deserved punishment.

Back then, Vicky was swaddled and was crying piteously for food. This woman had never appeared. Now that the child had grown up, she would still talk about her only mother.

Vicky was the girl that Ryan cared most in his life. No matter what, he would never let her meet her biological mother.

The crystal tears on the child's face made her look pitiful. Her sobs echoed in Ryan's ears...

After some time, maybe Vicky was tired after crying, so she lay on the bed obediently.

The man turned off the bedside lamp with his hand. Before leaving, he still tucked Vicky in.

About two minutes later, Vicky got up from the bed, sat on the small balcony and opened the curtain. Even in the dark, Vicky could see everything outside the villa clearly.

Her round eyes looked around four times. Maybe it was the telepathy between the mother and the daughter. At the same time, Nancy's slanted eyes happened to meet the pink window on the second floor.

However, it was too far away, and the light in Vicky's room had been turned off, so Nancy could see nothing.


Vicky noticed the figure under the tree outside the villa, but she couldn't tell she was her mother even if she knew there was a person there.

Her cherry like little mouth opened, and the word "mommy" in her mouth was so weak that only Vicky could hear it.

Vicky didn't know when the figure she saw disappeared.

However, on the morning of the second day, when Ryan entered the door, he saw Vicky curling up on the balcony outside and sleeping...


The man let out a rare sigh.

He picked up the child from the cold wooden floor. Her fever had just gone a few days ago. He was afraid that her body would not be able to bear such a torment last night.


Children were sensitive. Vicky felt as if she was picked up and subconsciously murmured.

The word was full of eagerness. How she wished she could be like other children with a happy childhood.

In her childhood, she had both her father and mother...

However, such a simple wish was so difficult for her. Ryan had become her favorite as well as most hated father.

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