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   Chapter 13 Exclusion

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The Design Department was the most important department in the company. The people working here were naturally the elites among the elites.

Ryan would never misjudge his talent.

Standing at the door of the Design Department and looking at the busy people inside, Nancy couldn't help sighing. At this moment, she was like a discarded toy, and no one came to ask her anything.

She found the Department Director. The director arranged a desk for her in a corner of the Design Department, almost far away from the working area.

The desk was more like a broken board than a desk, on which there were severe cracks. It was far from the working environment of those designers.

"Just make do with it. You're just in the probation period. It's hard to say whether you can stay or not in the end! But I think you'd better not hold too much hope! "

After saying that, the director went back to the office and didn't mention what Nancy would do next.

As Nancy heard this, her face darkened slightly, and a faint sense of uneasiness emerged in the bottom of her heart. She felt that what she was going to experience next would not be so smooth.

Was the whole Jin Group so inhumane?

Nancy tilted her head to look at the mottled table, which was left by a senior when he was eliminated. The corners of her eyes were slightly moist, and a sour feeling at the tip of her nose suddenly appeared at this moment.

However, after a moment of panic, she regained her spirit. She would definitely hold on until the end of her probation period. Anyway, she would definitely become an employee of the Jin Group.

Only then could she be closer to her daughter. No matter what happened, she would not give up for the sake of her daughter.

"Are you new here? I happen to have a lot of design drawings here. Print them out and put them on my desk. Then make me a cup of coffee without sugar. "

Nancy was wiping her desk with a duster cloth when a woman threw a USB flash disk to her. Her rudeness could not be concealed in the words.

Nancy didn't have any extra emotions at first. She turned to the source of the voice, and saw a woman in a fiery red dress and with a delicate heavy makeup on her face, who was looking at her with a disdainful look. As a result, she couldn't control the emotion in her heart anymore.

Perhaps it was because of her inborn arrogance that she felt unhappy after hearing what the woman had said. It was obvious that she had deliberately bullied her.

She was a probation designer, not a designer assistant. She clearly remembered that when she came in just now, she saw a lot of people in the assistant area. Why did she ask her to do these things?

"I'm sorry. You must have misunderstood me. I'm indeed new here, but I'm a new designer."

Nancy said the last few words forcefully, but her tone was still gentle. After all, they had to get along with each other day and night in the future. She didn't want to make things too difficult to deal with.

Although she had n

othing now, dignity was her last defense.

"New designer? Oh, I didn't expect that you, a seemingly weak girl, would be so aggressive! I think you must have slept with some man that you could be a designer as soon as you joined the company."

'Sleep with some man?'

Hearing this, Nancy couldn't help trembling.

At the same time, because of the woman's words, the originally busy Design Department was completely disrupted, and everyone surrounded them.

In such a serious working environment, it was the best way for the employees to release their pressure to have an impact topic.

"Tut, tut, tut, it seems that another person got the position through unspoken rules."

"That's right. Nowadays, some people are not very capable, but ill-tempered."

Hearing what they said, Nancy was completely annoyed.

From the director's indifferent attitude to her at the beginning to being slandered by her colleagues, it was hard for her to accept.

"How did I get this job? I will prove it with my own ability."

However, even though she was angry, she knew was at a disadvantage in front of so many people, so she still tried to restrain her anger on purpose.

"Well, everyone could say that. In our Design Department, a hypocritical bitch like you is not welcome! If you want to stay here, just listen to us! "

The woman was still unwilling to let go of her.

The mocking smile on her face made Nancy grit her teeth.

"Linda, what are you doing? Shouldn't we welcome new colleagues? "

Just as the scene turned awkward, a warm voice, like a ray of sunshine in winter, let Nancy see hope.

A lovely girl with the most ordinary ponytail stood in front of her. Her pure and innocent eyes met Linda's enchanting eyes.

"Cathy Xia, why are you everywhere?"

'Cathy Xia, a lovely name.'

However, it was not difficult to see that Linda seemed to revere Cathy.

Instead of answering Linda's question, Cathy held up Nancy's hand.

At the rest area.

"Your name is Nancy, right? I heard the conversation between you and the director just now, but I didn't have time to greet you as I hadn't finished my work. My name is Cathy, a designer of the Design Department. "

The warmth radiating from Cathy gradually dispelled the anger in Nancy's heart.

Fortunately, among a group of people she didn't like, there was such a kind girl.

"Nice to meet you. I would appreciate your guidance."

Nancy also stretched out her hand, and the two tightly held their hands together.

"By the way, the Design Department is not as good as you think. For example, Linda you met just now. As she finished several good projects before, she has always been arrogant and dismissive of everyone. From now on, you should be careful of her."

In fact, even without Cathy's help, Nancy could see that.

It was true that workplace was like a battlefield. But fortunately, Cathy appeared. Maybe from now on, she could only be a little close to her.

"Cathy, thank you for helping me out just now."

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