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   Chapter 109 Head Or Tail

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People around couldn't help screaming, and even Jason was shocked by what Albert did, but he was not an amateur either.

He reacted quickly. The wheels screeched on the ground, and the car hit the fence hard. Jason held the steering wheel tightly to prevent the car from losing control. While Albert caught up with him and passed through the inner side of the curve, and rushed in front of Jason unexpectedly.

Jason thumped the steering wheel hard and immediately chased after her.

The dangerous scene just now caused everyone to scream. Fortunately, the two of them were safe and sound.

Although Albert was good at driving, her car was not as good as Jason's. So Jason caught up with Albert soon. Albert had no time to waste with him and rushed out like a rocket.

The two cars were speeding towards the finish line.

Albert came first, and Jason was a little behind her.

The car drew a very handsome arc. Albert pushed the door open and got off the car. Her hair was a little messy, full of arrogance and unruly.

Jason slammed the door angrily.

"You lost." Albert scratched her messy hair and smiled charmingly.

"You cheated!" Jason was exasperated. If she hadn't bumped into him, how could he lose?

Albert seemed to chuckle disdainfully, "Is this the first time for Mr. Jason to race?"

Clenching his fists, Jason heard Albert say slowly, "Since Mr. Jason has lost, I'll take away the share transfer agreement..."

Jason's face changed and snapped, "No way!"

If Kelvin knew that Jason had lost his shares, Jason would be punished.

"Mr. Jason, do you want to go back on your words?"

The words slapped Jason hard in the face.

The people around them looked at Jason with more or less mockery on their faces.

"Don't play if you can't afford to lose. I lost a million in the past, I gave it to the other party without hesitation."

"That's right. Mr. Jason seems to be quite generous. I didn't expect him to go back on his words."

Jason's f

that idiot must not know that both sides of this coin are tails..."

Looking at the coins in her hand, Albert smiled slightly.

How could she know that Jason could take the head?

She just played a trick. If Jason guessed it was the head, it would definitely be the tail. If he guessed it was the tail, then it would be the head.

She was determined to get the shares.

She wouldn't let Jason go so easily after he killed the little Albert.

It was just an "appetizer". There would be more surprises waiting for him.

After putting away the share transfer agreement, Albert looked up and saw a tall and thin figure in front of her.

Narrowing her eyes, Albert murmured, "Bruce Ye?"

Looking at her, Bruce asked in a cold and hard voice, "Aitkin Tang?"

Albert smiled.

Well, she revealed her identity as Aitkin on purpose. How could Bruce not find it out with his ability?

However, when she was about to look for him, he came to her by himself.

"Aren't you afraid that the Rong family will take revenge on you for playing tricks on Jason?"

It seemed that he was there just now.

"Bruce Ye from the Black Hawk, you are now working for the Shark Gang ...nice to meet you," said Albert with a smile.

Bruce's pupils shrank slightly. He didn't expect that she had already known his background.

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