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   Chapter 108 You Are Aitkin Tang

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Albert casually flicked the coin, "I heard that you have been looking for me recently."

Jason's pupils shrank, "You ...are you Aitkin Tang? "

Jason said with uncertainty.

It was true that Kelvin had been annoyed by this person recently. Jason didn't dare to provoke Kelvin, so he had been living outside these days.

He didn't expect to meet the legendary Aitkin today.

In the document sent by John to Kelvin, Jason once glanced at it once. The photo was a little blurry, but it did look like the person in front of him.

The man next to him was a little confused. "Mr. Jason, who is Aitkin?"

Jason gritted his teeth. It was this guy who bought the shares of several shareholders and made Kelvin take the blame.

"What do you want?"

Albert twitched, "Of course. I want to give Mr. Jason a chance."

Jason frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Kelvin has sent people to look for me recently, just for the shares in my hands."

Jason asked in surprise, "Are you willing to sell those shares?"

"I bought them at a high price, so naturally they were not for sale."

"Then what on earth do you want to do?"

This was the first time they met. Jason hated the person in front of him so much that "he" looked exactly like that little bastard.

Albert said casually, "I don't have any advantages. I just have a little more money. If Mr. Jason is willing to play with me, maybe I can give these shares to you for free."

Jason almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had never heard such a shameless boast.

As the heir of the Rong family, although he was rampant in J City, Jason didn't show off his wealth in public. But this guy said that "he" had too much money and didn't know how to spend. Did "he" know what a rich family was?

Jason didn't take "him" seriously at all. Who was Aitkin Tang? No matter in J City or Imperial City, he had never heard of such a person, so in his eyes, Aitkin was just a little stinky boy who happened to have a lot of money, and

him closely.

Even if it was a shabby car, Albert could still keep up with him. Jason accelerated hard, but he still couldn't get rid of her.

She seemed to be playing with him, half a step behind him.

Jason couldn't help but feel a little angry. He stepped on the accelerator and rushed out at a very fast speed.

Everyone was also shocked by Jason's move. Not far away was the sharp turn of the mountain. Jason was so fast. Did he want to die?

But soon, they found that there was another person who was braver than Jason.

The performance of Albert's car was not as good as that of Jason's car, but in the hands of Albert, the car seemed to be alive, and its speed was very fast, and it would not be out of control. There was no way for Jason to get rid of Albert several times.

There was a big turn on the hillside road ahead. Although fences were built, it was still very dangerous.

Jason fixed his eyes on the front and suddenly turned the steering wheel to the right. The car narrowly passed at the corner.

He didn't know how many times he had driven on this road, but it was the first time for Albert to drive on this road. He didn't believe that Albert could still safely pass here.

Albert's car rushed in, almost when Jason was turning, she suddenly accelerated and crashed into Jason's car.

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