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   Chapter 107 On The Racing Track

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6718

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

Of course, Molly wouldn't let go of those who slandered Kelvin behind his back. Now that Rachel had told her, how could Molly be kind to Albert?

Albert didn't care about them at all. As soon as she stepped into the room, she happened to see Ray come out. When he passed by, she only heard him say lightly, "Be careful of Kelvin."

It seemed that Albert was a little surprised. James, who was on the second floor, waved at her when he heard that she was back.

"Albie, come upstairs. I have something to tell you."

Albert didn't expect that Louis, who always lived in seclusion, was also there. She was really surprised by what they were going to say.

Louis sa

ut it was hard to take everyone's eyes off her.

Squinting at the sudden appearance of Albert, Jason said in a bad tone, "Who are you?"

The corners of Albert's mouth twitched. "Mr. Jason, don't you dare?"

Those girls had been fascinated by Albert for a long time and shouted excitedly, "So handsome!"!

Jason's friends egged him on, "Mr. Jason, this guy is too arrogant. Mr. Jason, teach him how to behave."

Jason sneered, "You are just a poor boy. Do you deserve to race with me?"

The main reason was that the "man" in front of Jason gave him a sense of danger, just like the little bastard, Albert. Jason inexplicably didn't want to compete with her.

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