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   Chapter 106 He Is Mine

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However, they didn't notice that a camera was facing them, taking several photos in a row from a tricky angle.

Ashley was putting on makeup in her room. Recently, she was so busy with a lot of things. The company tried its best to help her whitewash. Even Darren had come to the Gu family, she had to cheer up.

The phone next to her rang. Ashley clicked it and several pictures appeared on it, which made her face distorted in an instant.


She swept the things on the table down fiercely. Hearing the noise, Ramona hurried upstairs.

"What's wrong?"

Ramona walked over and frowned when she saw the mess on the ground and the ferocious look on Ashley's face.

"What happened again?"

Ashley threw the phone fiercely and cried, "Mom! Take a look at these! Darren dated another woman behind my back! "

Ramona picked up the phone and looked at the pictures on it.

Marcus did it on purpose, so he wanted to take the pictures of them as intimate as possible. In the pictures, Darren smiled gently at Mia, and Mia also smiled happily. The two of them were like a perfect match, which was very dazzling in the eyes of Ashley.

In the next picture, Darren bent over and blocked Mia's way, as if Darren was kissing Mia.

In the other one, it looked like Mia fell, and Darren held her waist. The two of them were very close to each other.

After Ramona finished reading, she turned off the phone and said indifferently, "It's just a few photos. Someone showed them to you on purpose. Why are you so angry?"

Ashley grabbed her hair and shouted irritably.

"I knew it. I knew Miss Qin was not a nobody! I can't believe that she can also fascinate Darren! "

Gritting her teeth, Ashley guessed that these photos might be sent by Mia.

It took her several years to completely capture Darren's heart and make him loyal to her. Now, Mia suddenly appeared. Mia's identity was much noble than hers.

Everyone in the Imperial City knew that Ashley was just an illegitimate daughter. In the past, under the protection of Albert, no one dared to bully her, but she didn't want

wash basin behind her, and said lightly, "Young man, what are you thinking about? Why are you so deep in your thoughts?"

She didn't even know that her egg was burnt, nor did she know that he was here.

Albert got out from him, put the plate on the table, untied her apron and said, "I have to go out tonight. You take care of the dinner by yourself."

So Charles just watched Albert leave, leaving a glass of milk and an egg.

Charles raised his eyebrows slightly and his eyes were full of coldness.

'Just leave me like this?' Charles thought.

Then Albert caught Simba and went out.

In the villa of the Rong family, Rachel was chatting with Molly in the small garden. When Albert walked over, Molly even spat at her and cursed "little bastard" in a low voice.

Rachel smiled proudly at Albert.

It seemed that Molly had nothing to do with the Rong family, but when she lost her temper, Simone couldn't compare with her.

Linda said that she would deal with Albert, but there was no news about her up to now. Of course, Rachel couldn't tolerate Albert doing anything in the Rong family, so she urged Molly to make trouble for Albert.

On that day, when Rachel was upstairs, she heard clearly that it was Albert who reported the secret to James, which caused the two brothers to have a quarrel. In the past two days, Kelvin had a hard time and was scolded miserably by Louis.

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