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   Chapter 57 A Dead Person

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6824

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Since Albert had been so cold to James, she wouldn't even talk to Molly.

So Albert just gave her a cold look and looked away.

Molly felt a little embarrassed. She stood still, and Albert ignored her. She snorted in her heart and retreated awkwardly.

James looked at Albert with satisfaction. The more he looked at her, the more he felt that she had the temperament of his youth.

Rachel ran up unwillingly, looking at Albert with disgust.

"Are you my father's illegitimate child? You don't look good. What are you wearing? And this cat is so dirty. Take it away... "

The expression on Rachel's face was as if she was looking at rubbish. Hearing that, the expression on James's face suddenly darkened.

Simone knew something was wrong. She pulled Rachel back and scolded, "What are you talking about? He is your brother now... "

"Brother?" Rachel snorted, "Even if I call Jason brother, I won't call him."

A beggar didn't deserve to be her brother.

"Rachel!" James's face darkened.

This daughter was beyond hopelessly stupid.

Didn't she know that James and Kelvin were against each other? Was she on the side of Kelvin now?

James was the one Rachel feared most. Although Louis was fierce, he was tolerant to the two girls. James had a dark face all day long. Rachel had been afraid of him since childhood.

Therefore, as soon as James spoke, Rachel was so scared that she hid behind Simone.

Simone patted her on the hand, turned around and smiled at Albert, "Rachel is still young and thoughtless. As her brother, don't take her seriously."

However, Albert didn't answer her at all. Instead, she looked at James and asked, "Can I keep the cat?"

James was a little surprised that Albert would take the initiative to talk to him. For such a small request, of course, he nodded in agreement.

"Of course. If you like cats, I'll send someone to buy some Persian Cats..."

"No, thanks." Albert refused very categorically, "If there's nothing else, can I go back to my room first?"

Let alone Rachel,

l help us."

Simone couldn't tolerate any threat to her family.

In the study, Albert looked at the old man in front of her. He was much older than several years ago, and his eyes were still undisguised sharp.

"Hello, Mr. Louis." Said Albert kindly.

Squinting his wrinkled eyes, Louis looked at the teenager in front of him. She was indeed somewhat similar to James when he was young, and looked more like her mother in appearance, but her temperament reminded Louis of another person.

A dead person...

"Are you Albie?"

Albert nodded and listened to Louis asking her a few questions in a lukewarm manner.

Louis looked at her and seemed to be satisfied.

Previously, he had been worried that Albert would be as submissive as the children of an ordinary family and couldn't achieve great success. Now, it seemed that Albert was still qualified to be the heir after teaching her well.

"I don't care what your life was like before. Now that you are back to the Rong family, you have to follow the rules of the family. These days, I will ask Ray to take you with him. If you have any problem, you can ask him for help."

Albert looked at Ray and nodded obediently.

Louis's face was slightly worried. But fortunately, she was not too rebellious.

But what Louis didn't know was that all this was just what Albert wanted to show them.

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