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   Chapter 56 The Woman Who Killed Charlotte

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This villa district was the most rich area in J City. The Rong family had more than half of it, which was enough to show the financial power of the Rong family. Most of the time, James and Kelvin didn't live together, but now they all gathered together, waiting for Ray to bring Albert back.

James was sitting on the sofa and reading newspapers, while Kelvin was talking to him about business. Kelvin's wife Molly Wang took a sip of scented tea and looked at Simone, who was sitting opposite her. With a usual smile on her slightly rich face, Molly said in a light tone, "Oh, my sister-in-law is usually very busy. Today you even have time to wait for that illegitimate ...wait for that kid to come home. "

Simone looked at Molly coldly. James and Kelvin were at odds, so she and Molly were naturally at odds with each other.

Molly's family background was not as good as hers, but Molly had given birth to Jason.

Although Jason was not very useful, he could win the favor of Louis, and even Molly was respected in the Rong family.

So Molly always made fun of her just because Simone had two daughters.

But Simone was not an easy person, especially after fighting with Molly for so many years.

"That child has been exiled since he was a child. As a mother, I have to pay more attention to him."

Molly covered her mouth and smiled, "You're right. People who don't know you might think that child is your biological son."

Simone's face changed abruptly, and Rachel, who was standing beside her, couldn't stand it anymore.

"Molly, what are you talking about? It's none of your business. When is it your turn to take care of my family affairs?"

Linda secretly pulled at Rachel and scolded this idiot in a low voice.

Molly glanced at Rachel with disdain and said, "You're wrong, Rachel. I'm also a member of the Rong family. How sad will I be if you say so?"

Rachel snorted, "Come on. You just want to laugh at my family. You'd better discipline your son if you have time."

The most unbearable thing for Molly wa

were strangers, she was not afraid at all. It was true that she had the demeanor of the Rong family.

The more James looked at her, the more satisfied he was. He even couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.

Looking at the face that looked like Charlotte so much, Simone almost gritted her teeth.

But she had no choice but to accept Albert. She stood up and forced a smile. "Your father has been looking forward to your coming back these days. You will live in the Rong family from now on. If you need anything, you can tell me."

Albert squinted at Simone. She had seen her in the dead Albert's memory.

She was the woman who killed Charlotte!

James responded with a surprisingly gentle voice, "Simone is right. From now on, this is your home and you don't have to be restrained. I've arranged for someone to take charge of your admission. You're in the same school with Linda and Rachel."

Albert nodded coldly.

Simone glanced at her husband. They had been sleeping on the same bed for twenty years. How could she not see that he was very satisfied with the illegitimate child?

Molly walked up to Albert and said with a smile, "You are Albie. You look like James very much. No wonder you are his son ...oh, I'm your Aunt Molly. I live next door. If you can't eat well or sleep well here, or someone bullies you, just tell me. "

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