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   Chapter 55 The Villa Of Rong Family

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James's body trembled. He still couldn't believe that Miss Ashley, who had fainted from crying in the press conference, would be the murderer of the master.

Louis closed his eyes slightly and didn't want to say anything more.

Louis had lived in the Rong family for a long time, so he had seen more things than others.

However, he didn't intend to get involved. He even wanted to pledge allegiance to Ashley.

Although the Rong family in J City bore the name of the Rong family in the Imperial City, it was true that the blood relationship had gradually become estranged from generation to generation. And after Albert took over the Rong family, she had no contact with the other branches. It was unknown whether she looked down upon them or was too confident.

Now that Albert was dead, maybe it was a chance for them.

Ashley was the younger sister of Albert and the last direct line of the Rong family. Regardless of her irreversible status as a woman, she was the most likely person to inherit the Rong family.

Since there were some obstacles in her way, it was natural for Ashley to find them.

"I have sent a message to the Imperial City, inviting Miss Ashley to attend my seventy year birthday party. By that time, you know what to do..."

James nodded.

If what Louis said was true, then they had to give full support to Ashley to develop the Rong family in J City.

Staring at the antiques on the table, Louis murmured, "Albert ...according to the news from Ray, your illegitimate child seems to be named Albert. What a ...coincidence! "

There was no expression on James's face.

For him, Charlotte was just one of his few lovers, and Albert was just an accident.

He didn't take her seriously before, so he wouldn't care about Albert.

If it weren't for his only "son", he would never let Albert back to this family.

Outside the study, a figure turned around and left quietly.

A girl went up to the third floor, directly pushed open the door of the master bedroom, and said to the woman sitting on

e ours."

"I don't care! Anyway, I just don't like him. He is just an illegitimate child. How dare he come back to steal the Rong family from us? I heard from Grandpa that Uncle Ray seemed to bring him back tomorrow. I must teach him a lesson. He is just a bastard. Does he deserve to be my brother? "

Linda's eyes were dark, she said nothing to Rachel.

The Rong family was full of troubles with different intentions, but Albert didn't know at all.

The car slowly drove into the villa of the Rong family. Looking at the familiar building in front of him, Ray put down his laptop and looked at Albert who was still sleeping soundly.

Albert had been sleeping all the way, as if she hadn't slept for a few days. Even the cat in her arms slept soundly. Both of them maintained that posture, but occasionally swayed with the car, having no sense of the surrounding environment.

But Ray knew that Albert must have been alert all the time. When he raised his hand, she couldn't help frowning.

The car stopped in front of the villa. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for Ray.

Rubbing her eyes, Albert saw the magnificent villa not far away and then turned to look at Ray.

"Are we here?"

Ray nodded slightly and said gently, "Get off the car."

Except for Louis, all the members of the Rong family were waiting in the hall.

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