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   Chapter 46 The Big Drama Of Claiming Kin

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6757

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In the living room, Rena was wringing her hands uneasily. She looked worriedly at Albert and then at Ray from time to time, feeling that the atmosphere was a little weird.

She knew in the morning that it was Ray who sent her back to the hotel last night, which meant that he had known what happened last night.

Rena was afraid that Ray came to get even with Albert.

Last night, she saw with her own eyes that Albert shot the man who held her hostage.

What puzzled Rena was that since Ray came in, there had been a smile on his face, as if nothing had happened yesterday.

After pouring water for the two of them, Albert felt a sharp pain in her shoulder and a heavy headache, but she forced herself to keep sober and looked as usual.

"Sir, what can I do for you?"

Staring at Albert's face, Ray said slowly, "I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Ray. I'm ...your uncle. "

Rena's hand holding the cup shook and the water splashed on her clothes.

She looked at him in disbelief.

Did she hear it right?

Compared with Rena's restlessness, Albert was much calmer.

Albert didn't know that he was Ray before, and she had a little impression of him. Ray was the adopted son of Louis, and it was not easy for an adopted son to live such a life.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Albert Rong."

Ray looked at Albert with a little surprise. He wondered whether the kid in front of him had already known his identity since she was too calm.

But this time he came to the Xihai City, although he did not deliberately keep a low profile, there were not many people who knew his whereabouts. Moreover, Albert was far away in the Xihai City, so how could she see him?

"Aren't you curious?" Ray asked.

After he came back last night, he had sent someone to investigate Albert, and he didn't expect that he really found out something.

The aunt of Albert was called Carol, and her mother was called Charlotte.

James also told him the name of Charlotte.

He didn't expect such a coincidence

er of the Rong family?" Rena still couldn't believe it.

Albert twitched the corners of her mouth, seemingly jokingly, "How could it not be? My surname is Rong, too. "

Albert didn't want to say more, and Rena was smart enough not to ask more.

"Last night..."

"I'm a little tired and want to have a rest. Let's talk about it later, okay?"

What Albert said directly forced Rena to swallow back what she wanted to say. Rena nodded repeatedly and said, "Okay, have a good rest. I'll ask someone to bring lunch here."

Albert just nodded and asked her to close the door when she went out.

The room was quiet again. Albert took a deep breath and lay on the sofa, looking tired.

Ray's arrival surprised her, but fortunately, things didn't go beyond her expectations.

She was going back to the Rong family.

If she didn't go back, how could she help the dead Albert take revenge? How could she avenge for herself?

But before going back, she had to give Jason a big gift. Otherwise, what he had done to her would be in vain.

But what made her curious was that when Ray came to her today, he didn't mention anything about what happened last night. He didn't even ask how she survived under those people and how she returned to the hotel.

Albert closed her eyes tiredly and didn't want to think about those things anymore.

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