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   Chapter 44 I Don't Like Men

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 7403

Updated: 2020-07-21 00:03

Those people looked back in panic, but Albert was standing quietly behind them. And when they turned back, Albert appeared in front of them with a ghost like face.

"You..." Those men widened their eyes and didn't have time to take out their guns. Albert's gun had been aimed at their heads.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Birds in the forest were startled, and a moment later, there was dead silence again.

Albert leaned against the tree. The wound on her shoulder became more and more serious, and blood came out because of the violent movement.

Simba was worried, but it could do nothing.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and Albert didn't want to expose herself. She turned around and wanted to run. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and powerless, and she fell forward.

A pair of hands firmly caught her. The slightly cold smell of tobacco at the tip of her nose was somewhat familiar, but Albert had already lost consciousness.

Simba stared at Charles in shock, wondering why he was here.

Looking at the dirty teenager in his arms, Charles raised the corners of his eyes slightly, seemingly disgusted.

Mr. Charles had never hugged anyone before, so at this moment, he rudely pulled Albert's arm and dragged her away.

Albert couldn't hear Simba's scream. So Simba could only watch Charles drag its poor master away like a dead dog.

When Ray and his men arrived, they missed the target.

After searching around, there were only a few corpses left. Ray had to go back first, leaving a few of them here to continue searching.

Charles leaned against the stone bridge and rotated the old lighter with his fingertips. The light of the lighter was flickering in the night, the cold wind blew, and the water under the stone bridge was rippling.

Albert was sitting next to him. Her face was as pale as a piece of paper, and her eyes were closed tightly. There was no cold stares in her eyes, and she looked very fragile.

Albert was in a daze. She could feel the sound of gunshot, or sometimes the light of fire, or sometimes the cold face of Charles.

The shout of Simba dragged her back from the darkness. When Albert opened her eyes in a daze, she felt that her eyelids were very he

surprised, and even with a smile, his voice was hoarse.

"Are you awake?"

Albert stared at the smile on his face, which was a little dazzling in the orange light.

Albert shook her head and bit her lower lip to keep herself awake.

"What ...what are you doing? "

After the fight, Albert's voice was very weak, and the sharp edge of her seemed to have disappeared. In Charles's eyes, she was more like a puppy with its claws pulled out.

"Well... I want to make love with you when you are in a coma. " The smile on Charles's face became more and more dangerous.

Albert's pupils shrank, and her hand that was holding him was a little stiff.

Charles looked at the shocked Albert with great interest.

It turned out that this kid was so funny.

Charles felt that his prey was getting more and more interesting.

All of a sudden, Albert became silent. She loosened her grip and even took a step back without being noticed.

She said seriously, "I... I don't like men. "

She didn't expect that the master of the Gu family, Charles, would have such a sexual preference.

No wonder Albert had heard that many people sent him beauties before, and he had thrown them out directly.

She thought as a man, how indifferent Charles was. It turned out that the group of people did not get his preferences right.

A misunderstanding that was not so beautiful was planted at this point, and it also added a lot of troubles to Charles's pursuit of his wife.

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