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   Chapter 42 Besieged From All Sides

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6848

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:03

Rena gritted her teeth and her legs trembled slightly.

Jerry pinched her chin and sneered, "Or do you still count on him to save you? Save it. "

Albert clenched his fists and said coldly.

"I want you to live, but you are courting death..."

"What are you talking about?" Jerry snorted, "You're just a bastard. I'll teach you a lesson! Come on, guys! "

Before Jerry finished his words, the group of people had already rushed towards Albert. Each of them held a stick in their hands and was going to hit the vital parts of Albert's body.

Compared with the hooligans like Hogan, this group of hooligans were real bad ones. Which one of them didn't take one or two lives? But with the protection of Jerry, they were still having fun outside.

Rena was so nervous that she forgot to be afraid. Her eyes were fixed on Albert, and her heart was clenched.

Albert raised her hand to resist the stick. She kicked the stick and twisted it with her backhand. Albert was strong and skillful in fighting against those people.

Jerry's face changed and scolded in a low voice, "Bastard, you are so good at fighting!"

Then he joined the fight.

Simba floated up and kept reminding Albert.

"Master, look back! Hit him! Yes! Kick him in the groin! There was another one on the right! And the left... "

No one could see clearly how Albert did it. Darkness was the best color to protect her, and she was like a shadow in the dark night, so fast that no one could catch her. Her movements were fierce and ruthless, and basically those who were hit could not get up at all.

Seeing his men lying on the ground and wailing, Jerry gritted his teeth and hit Albert with a stick.

The stick was stopped in midair. There were several more scars on Albert's hands. She grabbed the stick accurately and twisted it with her backhand, which was so painful that Jerry had to let it go.

It was the biggest mistake to hand over the weapon to the enemy.

Since Albert had never shown mercy to her enemies, she directly waved a stick at Jerry.

Sure enough, the spirit power is not enough. The wind controlling rune is not fast enough."

Simba reminded, "Master, there are still five people on the right front."

"Got it."

She grabbed the gun from the man's hand and quickly went into the forest. The sound of rustling attracted another gunshot.

Without any pause, Albert raised her pistol and pulled the trigger towards the darkness. With a "bang", a man's scream was heard, and then she moved right. The remaining four men were precisely down.

"Ah!" A scream came, and the expression on Albert's face changed slightly. She quickly ran towards Rena. As expected, Rena was grabbed by several men in black, and a gun was against her temple.

"Master!" Seeing that Albert was about to rush out, Simba stopped her in a hurry.

One of the men in black said in a hoarse and coarse voice, "Boy, I know you are still here. Come out, or your little girlfriend will die."

Rena was just an ordinary high school student. She could hold on after being kidnapped by Jerry. Her psychological quality is good enough. But she was not brave enough to calm down in the face of a gun.

Albert cursed inwardly, 'Damn it!'

Albert had thought that those people came for her. If she pushed Rena away, Rena might be able to stay away from danger. But now, it seemed that Rena was in a more dangerous situation.

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