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   Chapter 41 I Won't Let Anything Happen To Her

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6679

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:03

Jerry called Albert with Rena's phone, and the sobs on the phone confirmed that the bastard really kidnapped Rena!

"Jerry." "You'd better make sure that she's safe and sound," Albert said through the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Albert slammed the door open.

"I have something to deal with."

Without looking at Charles, Albert grabbed her coat from the sofa, opened the door and walked out.

Simba lay on the table motionless, but its consciousness had turned into a light ball and followed Albert out.

Charles still kept his posture, but the temperature in his eyes dropped down little by little.

How long had it been since the last time he had experienced the feeling of being ignored and abandoned?

Charles's thin lips were slightly hooked, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was getting deeper and deeper.

As a prey, how could she leave without the permission of her master?

Charles unlocked his phone and made a call.

When Edmund received his phone call, his eyes widened in disbelief. How could this big boss call him?

He picked up the phone uneasily, only to hear the cold voice of Charles.

"Help me check who called Albert just now."

"What? Who? " Edmund just felt that the wind was too strong and the signal was unstable just now, so he couldn't hear clearly what Charles said.

"I'll give you five minutes."

As soon as he finished speaking, Charles hung up the phone.

It took Edmund thirty seconds to react.

Thinking of the five minutes that Charles said, he had no time to think about why he wanted to check the call log of Albert.

At four minutes and forty seconds, Edmund's message arrived.

The word "Rena" made Charles's eyes completely gloomy.

Then, a hint of mockery appeared on his face, and his expression became more and more lazy.

It turned out that they were going on a date.

No wonder, Albert had a girlfriend.

The sky outside was dim, and the inside was even darker.

Charles closed his eyes sli

e of Albert was very clear at night, and the fear and uneasiness in Rena gradually calmed down.

Somehow, she believed that Albert wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Jerry grinned hideously, "Now that you know my father is the Secretary, why do you still oppose me? Albert, I think you are tired of living."

"Let go of Rena, how can you embarrass a girl? You can come at me for the grudge between us. "

"Do you want to learn from a hero to save a beauty?" Jerry burst into laughter, "But unfortunately, my friends will surely sleep with your little girlfriend!"

The two men pushed Rena forward. The men around couldn't help but look at such a delicate beauty, and their faces were full of undisguised obscenity.

"Mr. Jerry, we have made a deal. After we kill this guy, I will enjoy this beauty first."

"And me..."

The people around echoed. They were eager to have a try.

Rena's eyes turned red. Being insulted like this, she felt furious.

"Let me go! If you dare to touch me, my father will not let you go! "

"Clap!" Jerry slapped her again, "Bitch! You and your brother are both bad people, and you still use your father to suppress me. Your father is counting on my father to live. Not to mention sleeping with you, even selling you, believe it or not, your father doesn't dare to say anything! "

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