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   Chapter 39 Boyfriend

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6818

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There was a gasp behind them, and the girls all covered their hearts tightly.

The scene in front of them was a huge blow to them.

A handsome bottom was wall bamming a gentle top. For everyone around, it was the bottom who was acting like a spoiled child...

"Is the bottom going to take the initiative?"

It happened that Charles heard this. His thin lips were slightly upturned, and a deep and happy laughter came from his chest.

"Take the initiative?"

It looked like that.

For some reason, Charles, the man who hated to be close to others the most did not reject the rash action of Albert at the moment.

Perhaps it was because he had considered her as his prey.

After wall bamming Charles, Albert had regretted.

This guy was not like the fool Simba who could be bullied by her.

Keenly aware of the hesitation of Albert, the smile at the corners of Charles's mouth became bigger and bigger, and his eyes were as bright as stars, reflecting her handsome face.

All of a sudden, Albert's heart skipped a beat. It was all because of the exceedingly beautiful smile of Charles.

She had never seen a man smile more beautiful than a woman.

Wasn't Charles a vixen?

Otherwise, how could he be so seductive?

All of a sudden, he got close to Albert. With a straight face, Albert stood still to maintain her cold demeanor.

But the fluctuation in her eyes betrayed her emotions.

She had never been so close to a man, especially a good-looking man like him.

With a sound of "poof", Charles's delicate face was shining with soft light.

Albert was stunned.

Several images flashed through her mind.

It seemed that she had seen such a smile a long time ago.

Noticing her difference, the smile at the corners of Charles's mouth gradually disappeared, but there was still a smile in his eyes.

"What? Are you obsessed with me? "

Albert frowned slightly to hide her gaffe.

She slightly loosened her grip and took a few steps back, invisibly separating herself from the outside world.


a mask for a big brother, and then the big brother put on a mask for the teenager. Some girls pinched their boyfriend's arm and said angrily, "Look at other people's boyfriend..."


The corners of Charles's eyes lifted. This word was new to him.

He looked at the teenager in front of him. Her delicate white skin, charming and handsome features were surprisingly pleasing to his eyes. Now that she wore the same mask, her temperament was a little quiet. The eyes that were exposed were extremely cold.

"That's it."

For the childish behavior of Charles, Albert had been silent all the time.

Simba scratched its paw angrily at the air on Albert's shoulder.

'Bastard! How dare you take advantage of my master?'

It seemed that Charles felt Simba was gnashing its teeth. He slightly turned his eyes, and his glasses fell a little, revealing his cold starry eyes.

Simba felt a chill on its back and hid behind Albert in fear.

"Don't scare it." Holding Simba in her arms, Albert said to Charles.

Glancing at Albert, Charles sneered.

"Am I that bored?"

Simba bit the handkerchief bitterly.

Who carried it by the neck and bullied it last time?

"Let's go." Maybe it was because he was impatient to see that Albert took such a good care of a stinky cat, Charles directly grabbed her schoolbag and dragged her forward.

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