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   Chapter 37 Mind Your Own Business

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It was obvious that Albert recognized Hiram, but she didn't expect to meet him here.

Albert didn't think too much. The man was obviously not an ordinary person, and it was not strange for him to appear here.

Therefore, she looked away calmly, as if she had never seen him.

After a beautiful speech on the stage, the staff put out the writing brushes, paper, ink and other things.

Albert stepped forward and looked at these things in front of her. She turned her eyes slightly and happened to catch the men's gloating face just now.

The two men were stunned. Apparently, they didn't expect that Albert would suddenly look at them, but they were not afraid.

Now they were on the stage. No matter how capable Albert was, she didn't dare to hurt them in front of the judges.

Indeed, Albert didn't care about them. She picked up the ink brush casually and looked at the ink stone on the table.

Simba circled around her and said angrily, "Master, these things are all broken! It must be those two bad guys! "

Albert raised her hand and said in a low voice in the hall.

"I'd like to change the ink and brush."

The host was a dignified lady, wearing a light blue cheongsam, outlining her good figure. When she heard what Albert said, probably also amazed at Albert's face, she said in a gentle voice, "This contestant, once the competition starts, you are not allowed to change any tools... But don't worry. These tools have been checked in advance and there is no problem. "


The corners of Albert's mouth twitched. It seemed that Jerry had bribed the official staff of the competition to deal with her.

Wearing a dark red suit, Edmund stood in the corner. His handsome face attracted the attention of the girls around him, but most of them were looking at the man beside him.

Charles leaned against the pillar of the stage, his wearing was totally different from Edmund's suit and leather shoes. He was wearing casual clothes, a lazy light gray shirt, and the gold rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose revealed a cold light, hiding a bit o

rt must ensure the quality of writing while controlling the brush.

With his eyes half closed, Charles fixed his eyes on Albert on the stage. The smile at the corners of his mouth showed his pleasure.

Edmund smacked his lips and said, "This guy knows there is something wrong with those things, but he still doesn't insist on changing them. Is he stupid?"

No, she was not stupid. On the contrary, she was very smart.

Although she knew what was wrong with the items on the stage, Albert didn't hold on to it. After all, it was the competition time now, and there was no one else who could do something on the competition tools except the competition party. If she made it a big deal, she might lose the competition qualification.

As for Ray, she was sensible enough not to have too much contact with him.

For this, Charles was very satisfied.

The episode just now didn't cause much trouble, but many people had their own ideas.

It was not until the set time came that the music slowly ended that everyone stopped writing and looked at their own works, either satisfied or frowned. Only Albert remained calm from beginning to end.

The host ordered people to show all their works, without the names of the competitors, for the sake of the fairness of the competition.

The judges walked forward hand in hand, commenting on each work with admiration on their faces.

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