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   Chapter 36 An Unexpected Encounter

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However, only a quick glance at the person just now, Ray inexplicably felt that the teenager looked familiar.

Just conveniently saved a person, Albert didn't take it seriously.

After she returned to the hotel, she closed the door and windows, especially the balcony door. Then she closed the curtain and went to bed.

The competition would be held tomorrow. It was her first chance to stand in front of the crowd since she was reborn.

It was also a chance to trample those nobodies under her feet.

Outside the balcony, Charles stared at the closed glass door with a terrible coldness in his eyes.

In a moment, he returned to his original state and drank up the wine in his hand. The pain in his abdomen was directly ignored by him.

Originally, it was just a small cultural exchange conference, and it wouldn't be too big. But at this time, a few big shots came, so everyone had to pay attention to it.

Calligraphy, painting, chess and other competitions were held in the city hall, which was unprecedentedly grand. On the contrary, the math and English competition of primary and high school students was directly ignored.

At this time, Jerry stood outside the examination room with a livid face.

Dean Yan coaxed, "Jerry, the exam is about to begin. You'd better go in now."

The rash on Jerry's face had disappeared, but the bloodstains he had scratched hadn't disappeared. He looked funny.

"I didn't expect that brat to be so lucky!"

Jerry felt uncomfortable at the thought that Albert would have a chance to show up.

Clearly Albert was just like a bug that was trampled under his feet. How could she trample on his head?

But when he thought of the man who came to him two days ago, a weird smile appeared on Jerry's face again.

Just let her be proud a little longer.

What Albert didn't know was that Jason and Jerry had joined hands to deal with her.

At this moment, she was standing at the backstage of the auditorium, watching the people around her busy, and the stage in front of her had already been filled with melodious music.

In order to keep her company, Simba went back to its original condition.

l on the stage, but he was absent-minded. He thought of the teenager yesterday, and at the same time thought of the thing that James had asked him to do.

Some time ago, James was set up by his enemies and had a car accident. Although James was alive, he lost his ability to conceive. How humiliating it was for a man!

James didn't dare to make a sound, especially to Kelvin.

He only had two daughters now. If he didn't have a son, then the position of the master of the family could only be passed on to Jason in the future.

James had no choice but to ask Louis for help to find his illegitimate son.

Louis didn't take care of the business these years, so Ray was in charge of this case.

Also in order to avoid the blind date these days, Ray came here on behalf of James.

The Xihai City was so big. It was not easy to find a person. Fortunately, there was already a few news.

But Ray didn't pay much attention to it.

He was more concerned about the person who saved him yesterday.

Until there was a burst of applause in the hall, Ray looked up and saw Albert standing on the stage. Ray looked a little surprised.

Maybe it was because Ray's eyes were too direct that Albert was keenly aware of it. As soon as Albert raised her eyes, she accurately captured him.

There was a hint of interest in Ray's eyes. He felt bored at first, but now he was interested in the competition. He sat up a little straight.

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