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   Chapter 32 Self Injury Trick

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In the bathroom, Albert took off her clothes, untied the white bandage and stood under the shower head. The water dripping from the top of her head, wet her hair, down her thin white neck.

The heat made her skin blushed, which looked tempting and mysterious.

Albert was not a neat freak, but she preferred to keep herself clean most of the time.

This was probably obsessive-compulsive disorder...

A shrill scream of a cat came through. With her eyes slightly darkened, Albert pulled the clothes aside and put it on directly.

Charles leaned against the balcony with Simba in his hand.

Simba struggled under him, as if trying to get rid of his shackles. Its claws left three bloodstains on the back of Charles's hand.

At that moment, the coldness from Charles almost froze Simba.

Simba screamed in a sharp and weak voice, trembling slightly.

It had never had such a feeling. It was just a consciousness. It could have directly escaped from the kitten's body and gotten rid of Charles, but Simba sadly found that it couldn't even run away.

As soon as Albert came out, she saw Charles, and the temperature on her face faded a little.

Charles raised his head, squinted his eyes and smiled coldly.

His tone was a little cold, as if he was sneering.

"What a coincidence..."

His look seemed to be saying that Albert was following him.

If Edmund were here, he would throw up on Charles's face.

It was Charles who required Albert to live next to him, but now he pretended to be suspicious of being followed. What was he going to do?

Albert didn't expect that she would meet with Charles even after she came to the downtown! What's more, he even lived next door to her!

Was this guy's appearance rate too high?

Albert looked at the suite next to hers. The balconies of the two suites were connected. What the hell was this design?

"Young man, do you still want to keep silent with me?" Charles's sarcastic words came. There was a lazy and arrogant smile on his handsome face.

He was wearing a li


But soon, he just smiled lightly and said, "There's no need. Just apply some medicine for me, okay?"

After a moment's hesitation, Albert nodded slowly.

Although she didn't want to have too much contact with him, Simba did scratch him.

When Albert turned around, a ray of complacent light flashed across Charles's eyes.

Sure enough, the self injury trick was the best.

This teenager looked cold, hard and sharp, but she was too soft-hearted that Charles wanted to bully her a few more times.

Charles succeeded in getting close to Albert through those negligible scars.

At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa obediently. He didn't even glance around, but kept staring at the reflective mirror in front of him, looking at Albert behind him.

Simba put its head on Albert's shoulder and felt wronged.

"Master, he caught me first, so I scratched him. Why do you still apply medicine to him?"

In Simba's eyes, Charles was a bad man.

Of course, didn't Albert know that? But that guy was not that easy to deal with.

In this kind of deluxe suite, there was a medicine box. Albert walked over with the small box and sat down opposite to Charles.

Leaning against the sofa, Charles casually put his hands on the side and said in a lazy tone, "Hey bro, you are so far away from me. How can you help me apply medicine?"

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