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   Chapter 30 Think Of My Sister

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When Albert heard the words "the Rong family in J City", she suddenly opened her eyes.

Valerie looked around the car and fixed her eyes on the last row. She tidied up her dress without being noticed and walked forward with a decent smile.


"Excuse me, please."

A voice came from behind. Rena pushed away Valerie and sat down beside Albert.

Valerie was slightly pushed by her and staggered. She held the seat beside to prevent herself from falling down.

"Are you okay, Valerie?" The boy in the seat looked at her with concern, with his hand still on her elbow.

Looking at his face full of pimples, Valerie's face froze. She quickly withdrew her hand and smiled stiffly, "I'm fine, thank you."

When she looked up again, the seat beside Albert had been occupied by Rena.

Valerie gritted her teeth and wondered why Rena always went against her.

Glancing at Valerie's livid face, Rena was in a good mood.

She was in a better mood when she saw the beautiful face of Albert.

"I was just putting my luggage downstairs. Why didn't I see you?" Rena knew that Albert was the kind of person who wouldn't take the initiative to talk to her if she didn't talk to Albert, so she spoke first.

Albert nodded slightly. She was not enthusiastic about Rena, but she would not alienate her.

"I don't have any luggage."

There were only two pieces of clothes for Albert, and she put them all in her schoolbag.

Sometimes, Rena really felt that Albert was really a cold-hearted person.

She had to think about it for a long time if she wanted to say something to Albert.

"Meow!" a faint meow of a cat came through, and a little head popped out of Albert's schoolbag. It looked at Rena in a daze.

Overjoyed, Rena reached out to hug it.

"Simba! You brought Simba here too! "

Looking at Simba, Albert touched her forehead helplessly.

Perhaps it had been held back for too long, and now it liked to hide in the kitten's body and run around.

Rena took out some snacks from her bag, put them in her palm and fed them to Simba.

"Master, this is delicious..."

Seeing that it was showing off while eating, the corners of Albert's mouth twitched helplessly.

By the way, it was a rune that didn't even have an entity. Was it really a good idea for it to be interested in human food so much?

Valerie sat in the front row and looked at the back through the mirror from time to time.

Rena was very close to Albert, and she was holding a white kitten in her arms. Valerie could recognize that the cat seemed to be Albert's. Although there was no superfluous expression on Albert's face, there was a gentleness in Albert that Valerie hadn't felt before.

Valerie clenched her fists and didn't realize that her nails were digging into her flesh.

It was only two hours' drive on the way to the downtown. The school bus directly drove to the hotel arranged by the school.

When Rena was about to take her suitcase, Valerie walked beside her.

"Rena, you'd better stay away from Albert." Valerie whispered to Rena.

Rena looked at her suspiciously, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing. I just want to give you a piece of advice."

Seeing that she took it for granted, Rena sneered, "What? You gave the love letter of Albert to Dean Yan with a sense of justice before, and now you found that Albert was fine and wanted to get him back? "

Valerie glar

ed at her angrily, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

Valerie couldn't help but feel a little flustered. How could Rena know that she gave the love letter to Dean Yan?

"You know clearly whether I am talking nonsense or not." Rena opened the side door of the car and pulled out her luggage with difficulty. "But I don't think Albert would like you."

When Valerie was about to fight back, she saw that Albert was walking towards her. Valerie smiled and couldn't help but feel complacent.

"You ...are you sure? "

Valerie raised her hand and tucked the hair behind her ear. She said in a gentle voice with a little shyness, "Albert, the suitcase is a little heavy. Can you help me carry it?"

Out of a gentleman's behavior, Albert stopped and pulled out a boy who was about to enter the hotel.

"Didn't you hear that? Valerie needs help. "

The boy's eyes lit up, and he immediately ran over excitedly, smiling fawningly, "Valerie, what can I do for you?"

Valerie gritted her teeth and thought, 'Isn't this the boy with pimples in the car just now?

Was Albert sick of her?

Hell no, Albert really didn't think so.

She just didn't want to have too much contact with Valerie.

Albert walked directly to Rena and easily pulled Rena's suitcase. Albert's action was so cool that the girls' excited screams came from behind.

Rena was also stunned. Looking at Albert's face, she suddenly felt unreal.

The height of Albert was not very high among the boys. In the past few days, she was not as decadent as before. She was shining brightly in an instant, and wherever she went, she was glowing. Not only because of her outstanding face, but also her inadvertent demeanor. Even if she was wearing the ugly and stupid school uniform, it was difficult to cover up the brilliance of her.

At this moment, she was wearing a white shirt and dragging Rena's pink suitcase to a not very luxurious hotel. However, Rena felt that Albert was walking on the red carpet, and every step she took was incomparably noble and elegant.

Was the person in front of her really Albert?

It was the first time that Rena had doubts.

After taking a few steps, Albert saw that Rena was still standing there. She was confused and asked, "What's wrong?"

When Rena came to her senses and looked into Albert's cold and clear eyes, she pulled her hair with chagrin.

What was she thinking about!

Suddenly, Albert raised her hand. Rena was so scared that she didn't dare to move.

Albert straightened the hair accessory on Rena's head and stared at the butterfly hairpin. No one knew what Albert was thinking.

Blinking her eyes, Rena felt her heart beating fast because of Albert's sudden move, but she was confused about Albert's reaction.

"What ...what's wrong? "

Albert withdrew her hand and looked calm again.

"Nothing. I just thought of sister. "

"Your sister?" Rena frowned and asked, "Is she Ivy?" She remembered that Albert didn't get along well with Ivy.

The corners of Albert's mouth twitched, and the temperature in her eyes faded little by little.

She remembered that when they were young, Ashley also liked this kind of butterfly hair ornament. Each of which was specially ordered by Albert from Italy. The jewelry was worn on Ashley's hair, and it was very beautiful.

However, Ashley probably forgot the existence of those butterfly hairpins...

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