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   Chapter 29 Bring Him To Me

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 7037

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With a concentrated look on her face, Albert held a pen in her slender hand and drew black lines smoothly on the paper.

"Of course prove myself. "

Rena nodded thoughtfully, not noticing the cruelty in Albert's eyes.

In the hospital, the doctor couldn't find the cause of Jerry's disease, so he had no way to treat Jerry. Fortunately, in less than two days, the rash on his body disappeared, but there were still many red dots on his face, which looked very frightening.

Jerry looked at himself in the mirror and smashed it to the ground.

"Albert!" Jerry gnashed his teeth and repeated the name.

Although the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with that bunch of flowers, he inexplicably believed that it must be Albert who had set him up.

Only Albert had come to see him two days ago, and she became very strange now. Jerry couldn't think of anyone else except Albert.

Mr. Hao glanced at his son and said with a cold face to Dean Yan, "Dean Yan, he is just a poor student who beat his classmates in the school and poisoned my son. He took the first place in the school by cheating. Why do you still want to keep such a person in the school?"

Dean Yan wiped the sweat on his forehead and said in a hurry, "Mr. Hao, you have no idea. I don't know if Albert has been drugged recently. He has changed completely. I wanted to get him expelled directly before, but he..." Dean Yan sighed, "Now the whole school is watching. They all think that it was Jerry who took his place. If I do something more, I'm afraid it will be difficult to explain to the whole school."

"What do you mean by his place?" Jerry said in a sharp voice, "That's mine! That brat dares to steal things from me. I think he is tired of living! "

Jerry's mother stopped him and coaxed him, "Alright, don't be so excited..."

Dean Yan hurriedly said, "Yes, yes. Jerry, you have to take good care of yourself now. You are going to the city tomorrow. If you don't want to see him, I will withdraw his quota for the calligraphy competition."

Jerry sneered, "Don't do that. If he wants to go, let's fulfill his wish."

'Maybe that loser, Albert, is crazy to become famous.

How dare he sign up for the calligraphy competition!

In the city, that was my territory. I just don't believe that he could really make it!' Jerry thought.

In the VIP ward on the top floor of the same hospital.

Jason was half lying on the bed, and his handsome face was gloomy.

There were two bodyguards standing in the room. They were the ones who had been beaten by Albert that night.

"A bunch of losers!" Jason cursed in a low voice and irritably swept the vase on the table.

The bodyguards looked at each other and kept their heads down without a word.

"Didn't you say that he was just a useless high school student? Why does he suddenly become so good at fighting? " Jason's face suddenly turned cold, "Is it possible that Hogan lied to me?"

"Mr. Jason, the information I collected before is indeed like this, but I don't know why he suddenly becomes so powerful."

Jason clenched his fists. That night in Charm Bar was definitely the biggest humiliation he had suffered in the past eighteen years.

He was not only beaten up, but also taken off his clothes to take indecent photos!

As the young master of the Rong family, he had never been humiliated like this before.


Jason was absolutely at odds with her!

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

The phone on the side suddenly vibrated. Ja

son glanced at it. When he saw the name on it, his face changed slightly. He gritted his teeth just now, but now he was a little nervous and hesitant.

He picked it up and called cowardly, "Dad..."

"What's wrong with you?" On the other side of the phone came the solemn and angry voice of Kelvin, "It has been so many days. Haven't you finished yet?"

Jason twitched his lips and couldn't help but defend himself.

"Dad, it's very difficult to deal with Albert. I have sent several groups of people, but none of them can..."

"That's because you are useless!" Kelvin cursed unkindly, "James's people have already gone. If you haven't killed him before James finds him, don't come back!"

Jason's face changed slightly and wanted to say something more, but Kelvin hung up the phone directly.

Jason clenched his phone and smashed it against the wall.

"Albert... Rong! "

The bodyguards stood straight and breathed lightly.

Jason cast a cold glance at them and asked, "How is the person I asked you to investigate?"

"Mr. Jason, are you talking about the people downstairs? That boy's name is Jerry, the son of the City Secretary, and also a classmate of Albert. Jerry's hospitalization this time seems to have something to do with Albert. "

Jason sneered, "Find an opportunity and bring him to me..."

The second day, early in the morning, Carol was cleaning up in the yard. She glanced at the closed door and said in a strange tone, "Ah, I'm really unlucky. Helping my sister who died early to raise her son is like raising an ancestor. I have to take care of him every day. This ungrateful child would never help me..."

Carol kept shouting, and the neighbors around her had already been used to it.

After packing up, Albert put her schoolbag on her back and opened the door. Her cold eyes paused on Carol.

Although she didn't show any emotion, she made Carol's heart trembled.

Carol had thought that Albert would talk back, but Albert just took a look at her and left.

Carol was so angry that she couldn't help cursing at the back of Albert.

Without looking back, Albert walked out of the gate of the courtyard. In the past, Albert had to attach herself to Carol in order to live. Even if she knew that her aunt and uncle had taken away the savings of her mother, she had to obey Carol, which made Carol more fearless.

Now the situation was different. She was no longer the weak and incompetent Albert. The courtyard of the Bai family couldn't trap her.

The car was already waiting at the gate of the Yiyang High School. This time, the school directly sent a car to pick up the students who took part in the competition. The school was responsible for all the food and accommodation. Albert sat in the last row and listened to the students whispering in front of him.

"Have you heard about it? This competition seems to be different from the previous one. "

"What's the difference?"

"It was just a competition in the city. But I heard that several big shots from J City would come here. The leaders of the city attach great importance to it and invited them to be the judges. How can it not be important?"

"What? Such a big scene? Why haven't I heard about it from the school? "

"We mainly participate in English and math competitions. Those big shots will be the judges of calligraphy and art competitions. What does it have to do with us?"

"Well, but who are those big shots?"

"I don't know. It seems that ...the Rong family in J City. "

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