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   Chapter 28 Break His Promise

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She had lived with Albert for more than ten years. How could she not know what kind of person Albert was?

In the office, Dean Yan looked at the examination paper several times. Eventually, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and looked terrible.

Miss Xin, the head teacher of Class Three, had a pleasant smile on her face, and her tone was more complacent. She said, "Dean Yan, the grades of Albert... Is he qualified to take part in the math competition? "

In fact, she just wanted Dean Yan to fulfill his promise.

Although she was also very curious about how Albert had made such great progress in a short period of time, the result was here in front of them.

Dean Yan was still not reconciled. He asked the teacher beside him, "Are you sure there is nothing wrong with the surveillance video?"

Miss Xin was a little unhappy, "Dean Yan, are you suspecting that Albert cheated?"

Dean Yan snorted, "You know what's going on with him. How could he surpass Valerie and get the first place in the whole school in a few days?"

Miss Xin couldn't help but feel a little angry. "The result is obvious. There is no suspicious behavior of Albert in the monitor. And Dean Yan, you knew exactly how many people were sent to watch him during the exam. How could he cheat?"

Dean Yan waved his hand impatiently, "All right, that's it."

He didn't expect that Albert was so capable.

Now Albert was the first in the exam. If she was asked to take part in the math competition on behalf of Jerry, Dean Yan might not be able to explain it to Mr. Hao.

Although it was just a small math competition, it was said that several important figures from J City would come. All the people in the city were preparing for it these days. Such a good opportunity to show up, of course, it should belong to Jerry.

In Class Three, Rick held Albert's hand excitedly, not noticing that Albert's face was a little cold.

"Bro, you are really something! Now, let's see if Dean Yan has any other excuse to make things difficult for you! "

"Why didn't I find that you have such great potential before? You are my idol!"

Albert had been used to Rick's nagging, so she just let him be.

She looked out of the window with an unreadable expression in her eyes.

Miss Xin walked in with the textbook in her hands, and the expression on her face was not too good.

"Guys, be quiet."

Miss Xin looked at Albert with a complicated expression.

"About this mid-term exam, I believe that everyone knows your own results. It's very surprising that this time, a student of our class has won the first place in the whole school..." Speaking of this, a smile appeared on Miss Xin's face. Even her classmates looked at Albert with admiration.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Albert was still calm and didn't move her eyebrows for just once.

Miss Xin sighed. What a good student! Even if Albert didn't get good grades before, she was still very obedient. Miss Xin did not know how this child had offended Dean Yan.

"Miss Xin!" Rick raised his hand and said excitedly, "Can Albert go to the downtown to take part in the math competition?"

Miss Xin was embarrassed, "Well ...Dean Yan meant that the quota of this math competition was given to Jerry. "

Miss Xin also knew that it was unfair to Albert.

But Jerry was backed by Mr. Hao. No matter how dissatisfied she was, she couldn't object to Dean Yan's choice.

Rick's eyes widened and he smashed the book on the desk.

"Does Dean Yan want to go back on his wor


Even Albert's eyes turned colder.

Miss Xin looked at the mockery on the faces of the classmates and felt ashamed.

"Well... Albert... "

Albert stood up and said, "Miss Xin, I remember that this competition held in the city seems to be more than a math competition."

Although Miss Xin was a little confused, she still answered, "Yes, this time it is aimed at high school students, such as math, English, calligraphy, art and so on. However, Yiyang's focus over the years has been to participate in mathematics and English, and the quota of English has been given to Valerie and Rena, who are in Class One..."

The corners of Albert's mouth twitched. "In other words, the quota for calligraphy is still available, right?"

Miss Xin opened her mouth slightly. Looking at the somewhat cold and arrogant face of Albert, she was speechless.

Did Albert want to...?

"Since Dean Yan is going to give the quota of the math competition to Jerry, can I take part in the calligraphy competition?"

Rick's eyes widened, "Wait, bro, you ...when did you learn calligraphy? "

Although Yiyang High School also had art students, there were only a few of them. Moreover, the school would not put any effort on those art students. Therefore, in the past years, Yiyang had directly quit in calligraphy, art, music and other competitions.

Miss Xin also felt that Albert was a little impulsive.

"Although there is no quota for the math competition this time, I believe that if your performance can always be stable, next time..."

"Miss Xin." Albert cut her off in a chilling tone, "I'm going to sign up for the calligraphy competition."

Next time?

This time, she was going to trample on Jerry. She didn't have so much time to waste with him.

Everyone knew what Albert had said in Dean Yan's office before. They were waiting for her to take part in the math competition, but they didn't expect that Jerry was still the one who took part in the competition. However, Albert had signed up for a very unpopular calligraphy competition.

Rumor had it that Albert was coerced by Dean Yan to give the quota of the math competition to Jerry. In order to stop everyone from talking, Dean Yan casually stuffed a quota of the calligraphy competition to Albert.

Then the news spread quickly and there were dozens of stories. In the end, Dean Yan became a bad person who oppressed the students, while Albert became a victim.

Those who looked down upon Albert or were jealous of her before also felt sorry for her.

Albert was obviously the first in the school, but she was bullied just because her background was not as powerful as Jerry's.

Sitting opposite to Albert, Rena looked at her writing and painting on the paper, on which there were strange and mysterious symbols that she could not understand at all.

"My brother told me that you were going to sign up for the calligraphy competition... Are you sure about that? "

Albert said indifferently, "Will I do something that I'm not sure of?"

Looking at her calm face, Rena was a little relieved.

Then she smiled and said, "But other students thought it was Dean Yan who forced you, so they all defended you."

"Wasn't it?"

Albert looked up at her coldly.

Rena's heart trembled and she felt cold all over under the gaze of Albert.

Albert withdrew her sight and continued to focus on the "doodles" in front of her.

Rena covered her fragile heart and asked cautiously, "But, why do you have to participate in the competition?"

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