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   Chapter 27 Playing Hard To Get

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Everyone was shocked and stared at Albert who had a calm expression on her face.

Was this guy under the protection of god?

Her previous performance was terrible. How could she suddenly push Valerie out of the first place?

Was she cheating? But in order to deal with her this time, Dean Yan had been watching her all the time, not to mention that there were surveillance cameras in the classroom.

Therefore, all the people concluded that Albert was really lucky.

Rick was so nervous that his eyes almost popped out when he saw the list.

"Bro won the first place? "

Rick held Albert's hand excitedly, looking incredulous.

Albert drew her hand in disgust, "Why are you so surprised?"

Rick skimmed her grades, "Full marks for Chinese, English and math. The comprehensive score is two hundred and eighty-two points..."

At the end of his words, Rick's voice was trembling. He covered his chest with his hand and suddenly felt a great blow.

These days, he had watched Albert sleep every day, let alone read books.

But if she could get full marks in this way, then what did he get after studying so hard?

Rena looked at her happily.

"Great! Now Dean Yan has nothing to say."

It was just a small exam and Albert didn't take it seriously.

However, before reaching her goal, she had to achieve a lot of small goals.

This was her first step to clear the name for little Albert.

She would definitely take back what belonged to her, one by one...

Standing next to Valerie, Sophia snorted with disdain, "He just got the first place by luck. Why is he so happy? Valerie has always been the first place. She has never been so proud. "

As soon as Valerie came, the students quieted down.

Rena had an unfriendly look on her face, especially when she saw Valerie.

"Always the first? Unfortunately, she was squeezed out this time. "

Rena had always been at odds with them, and Sophia was not polite to her either.

"Rena, that's enough. As the precious princess of the Lin family, aren't you afraid of degrading yourself by staying with the poor student every day?"

Rena got angry at once, "Who the hell were you saying?"

Sophia snorted, "Am I wrong? Everyone heard what Jerry's father said at the school gate the day before yesterday. "

"It's none of your business." "Sophia, if you don't take good care of your mouth, be careful not to get your tongue cut!" said Rena coldly.


Valerie slightly pulled Sophia who was about to throw a tantrum, and she didn't say a word from beginning to end.

Sophia stood beside her, making Valerie more noble and elegant. Especially Valerie's face, indeed worthy of the title of campus belle.

"Are you Albert Rong?" With a charming smile on her face, Valerie reached out her hand and said gently, "I heard that you won the first place this time. Congratulations."

Squinting at the girl in front of her, Albert realized that she was Valerie.

The little Albert didn't really like Valerie, so she didn't pay attention to her. Therefore, she didn't have any memory about Valerie.

Albert didn't expect that the person she saved that night was Valerie.

She didn't stretch out her hand but looked at her calmly, n

either sad nor happy.

Valerie's face froze and her hand trembled in the air.

Was Albert embarrassing her now?

Did Albert forget that she wrote her a love letter before?

The boys around were itching to hold Valerie's soft hand for Albert.

However, when they saw that Albert was indifferent to Valerie's kindness, they hated Albert even more.

"What is he doing? Does he look down upon others since he won the first place? "

"That's right. Valerie doesn't care about the fact that he wrote a love letter to harass her before. Why is he still putting on airs?"

"Maybe he is playing hard to get. He is really cunning..."

Perhaps they were jealous that Valerie treated Albert differently, or that Albert really got the first place in the exam, and the students around her kept saying harsh words.

At first, Rena was secretly pleased that Albert refused Valerie's kindness. But when she heard these words, she was immediately furious.

'Look down upon others? Cunning? What the hell was that?'

It was none of their business that Albert didn't want to talk to Valerie.

On the other hand, Valerie's face softened a little. If what others said was true, it would be fine if Albert was playing hard to get with her.

But it was really not a gentleman for Albert to embarrass a girl in front of so many people.

However, Valerie was wrong.

Albert didn't stretch out her hand or respond to her.

Instead, Albert passed her and left...

Valerie was completely ignored.

Looking at Valerie's stiff face, Rena was in a good mood.

"Alas, someone just feels like that the whole world should revolve around her and now gets slapped in the face..."

After saying that, Rena took Rick's hand and followed Albert.

Perhaps to piss Valerie off, Rena talked to Albert on purpose. To Valerie's surprise, Albert responded to her very well without the usual coldness and impatience.

Valerie slowly put down her hand and clenched her fists.

Sophia said angrily, "That's too much! Who did he think he was! How dare he ignore you! Valerie, you can't... "


Valerie shouted in a low voice. The moment she lowered her head, anger flashed through her eyes.

Sophia was also an idiot. Valerie had been humiliated enough by Albert in public. Did Sophia still want to make a scene?

Valerie's voice was not loud, but Sophia was frightened to shut up.

She knew Valerie best. Although Valerie was usually gentle, she had a bad temper.

Sophia still didn't want to give up the Shen family.

Valerie gave her a cold look and turned away.

"Valerie..." Sophia hurried to catch up with her.

In the crowd, Emily held Ivy's hand and said excitedly, "Ivey, isn't that your brother? He really ranked first in this exam! And how could I not find that your brother is so handsome before! "

Ivy disdain, "How is that possible? That loser didn't study hard at school. He was assigned by my mother to work every day at home. How could he have time to study? I think it might be the result of cheating. "

Emily disagreed, "But if he cheated, wouldn't the teacher find out?"

Unable to find a word to refute her, Ivy impatiently waved her hand and said, "Anyway, that guy can't be so powerful!"

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