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   Chapter 26 A Slap In The Face

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"It seems that Mr. Hao misunderstands me." Albert smiled so lightly that no one could notice her sneer.

"I went to see Jerry two days ago. He was fine at that time. I don't know what happened to him after I left. But, Mr. Hao, do you think I have the ability to hurt him in front of so many people?"

Simba looked down at Albert.

'Who beat Jerry up in Class Three the other day?

Master was getting better at lying.'

Jerry's mother pointed at Albert with trembling fingers and said angrily, "If it weren't you, who else would it be? You are jealous that my son is richer and better than you. I know you poor people are not kind-hearted. A student like you doesn't deserve to stay in this school! "

Simba stamped on the woman's head angrily. Even if it was in a virtual pattern and it couldn't touch any human except for Albert.

"Old woman! Bad woman! How dare you bully my master! "

Glancing at Simba's childish behavior, Albert sneered.

"Mrs. Hao, you should be responsible for what you said."

Mrs. Hao said sharply, "Am I wrong? Everyone knows your situation! You got into the Yiyang High School depending on your grades, and the school gave you a free tuition. Otherwise, with your family's financial ability, you may not be able to go to high school... My son takes good care of you. I didn't expect you to be so cruel. "

Albert nodded in agreement, "Jerry always takes good care of me."

Mrs. Hao seemed to have understood what she meant. Mr. Hao coughed slightly, looked at Dean Yan who was sweating, and said solemnly, "Dean Yan, I hope you can give me an explanation for this matter. The student in your school have made my son miserable. I won't let it go so easily."

"Yes, yes." Dean Yan wiped the sweat on his forehead and hurriedly agreed, "Mr. Hao, we are so sorry for what happened to Jerry. But don't worry. We will deal with it fairly."

Jerry's father cast a sidelong glance at Albert and said meaningfully, "Such a student doesn't have to stay in Yiyang, does he?"

With an embarrassed look on his face, Dean Yan walked up to Mr. Hao and whispered in his ear about what Albert had promised.

Mr. Hao's eyes became sharp, and he looked at Albert more unfriendly.

However, what Dean Yan said was right. If he embarrassed a student openly, he couldn't convince anyone. Moreover, he got the news that the Rong family in J City seemed to come here recently. He couldn't make any bad jokes and give the superior a bad impression.

Then, Jerry's father said seriously, "Albert, you are not a kid anymore. You should also be responsible for what you have done. You hurt my son on purpose. From a legal point of view, you should go to jail ...but considering that you are still young, as long as you can kneel down in front of my son to apologize and cure my son's disease, I will let go of what happened before. "

Looking at him indifferently, Albert asked, "Mr. Hao, are you so sure that your son was hurt by me?"

Since she wanted to hurt people, she would never leave any evidence.

Whether it was the last time she beat Jason up in the Charm Bar, or she fought with the bodyguards sent by Jason, even if they knew it was her, so what? If they had no evidence, they could only mess around.

Now it seemed that Jerry's parents also planned to do so.

But i

f they really treated her as an innocent high school student, they would be totally wrong.

Mr. Hao's face flashed with anger, and he shouted, "I thought you were just a kid, but I didn't expect you to be so scheming. You have done something evil, and now you still want to deny it, right?"

Jerry's father wanted to say something more, but his phone suddenly rang. It was from the hospital.

Mr. Hao thought there must be something wrong with Jerry, so he asked, "Doctor, is there something wrong with my son?"

The doctor's voice came through the phone, "No, no, no, Mr. Hao. I want to tell you that the rash on the patient's body has nothing to do with the flowers. It should be caused by other allergic substances."

Mr. Hao's face was stiff, half green and half pale.

Just now, Albert winked at Simba and asked it to put the phone on speaker directly. Therefore, almost everyone around them heard what the doctor said.

Everyone looked at Mr. Hao strangely.

Therefore, Jerry's illness had nothing to do with Albert.

Then what on earth were they doing here today?

Jerry's mother asked in disbelief.

"Well is that possible? "

Jerry's father held his phone tightly and looked around. Many people whispered and pointed at them as if they were laughing at them.

Dean Yan felt a little embarrassed too. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, came out to mediate the dispute, and said, "It seems that this is just a misunderstanding ...we'll be fine as long as the misunderstanding is solved. "

Jerry's father said nothing.

He had never felt so defeated.

He thought Albert was just a high school student and would be too scared to say anything in front of him. He didn't expect her to be so calm. Moreover, he was slapped in the face by the doctor on the phone.

But he remembered that his phone was not put on speaker...

The farce was over. Jerry's parents listened to the people around them and wanted to bury their heads in the ground. Considering their identity, they left in a hurry.

Before Jerry's mother left, she didn't forget to warn Albert.

"I'm telling you, you have beaten my son, it is not over yet!"

Albert didn't want to end it so soon either.

Simba looked up at her and asked, "Master, are you going to let them go so easily?"

Touching Simba's head, Albert said lazily, "Do you know what the most painful thing is?"

Simba thought for a while and asked, "Death?"

"No," said Albert slowly, "it's the living death."

Sometimes, death was not the best way to solve the problem.

What was most painful was to take everything from them, to trample them into the earth, to let them live the life they had despised the most.

Jerry's identity was obvious, and the people in the Yiyang High School didn't dare to talk about him casually. Everyone was waiting for the result of the mid-term examination, and to see Albert get out of the school herself.

On the day when the result was posted, everyone swarmed forward and looked straight to the first place.


A roar of shock burst out from the crowd, and then the people around were all boiling.

As for the list, Albert ranked first, while Valerie was inferior to him. Even on the score, Albert was fifty points higher than Valerie, almost reaching the full score.

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