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   Chapter 25 Pollen Allergy

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Albert turned her head vigilantly and found nothing.

"Master?" Simba looked at her in confusion.

Albert didn't think too much. Maybe it was her illusion.

It was not until the teenager and the cat went away that Charles came out from the dark with interest in his eyes.

Those losers didn't see it, but he saw it clearly.

Albert's hand lit up a dark purple fire, instantly devouring the pistol covered with her fingerprints.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Charles wouldn't have believed it.

And he didn't expect that Albert was so vigilant.

"Little thing, I really look forward to what surprises you will bring me..."

Charles looked at the school badge in his hand. The two words "Albert Rong" made the smile deeper and deeper in the corner of his mouth.

As Yiyang's students crammed for the coming mid-term exam, Albert not only had to win the first place in the mid-term examination, but also the first in the city's mathematics competition, which was a great pressure for everyone.

However, in the eyes of others, Albert slept in school all day and didn't open her book even once. They guessed that she might have given up.

Rick was also worried about her. Looking at the sleeping Albert, he didn't have the heart to wake her up.

Rena came here with a lot of documents every day, but Albert didn't look through them.

Rick even doubted if Albert had really given up.

Simba lay on the head of Albert. Looking at the anxious or gloating expressions of the crowd, it couldn't help but sigh.

It was just a mid-term examination and a math competition. With the master's ability, it would be a piece of cake.

Rena came to Class Three again and unremittingly wanted to help Albert with her study.

With her sleepy eyes wide open, Albert didn't disappoint Rena and listened to her.

Holding a few books in her arms, Valerie stood at the back door of Class Three and looked at the two people who were very close to each other.

The book in her hand was held tightly by her again and again. Valerie ignored the accosting and left coldly.

Albert had spent a lot of energy for the last two days, but these days, Charles didn't come to bother her. Albert had spent two days very quietly, and it was also the first exam after her rebirth.

Dean Yan took several teachers to patrol around the exam rooms one by one. When he saw Albert, who was in Class Three, she had already finished and was sleeping on the examination paper. The examination paper was pressed by her, so Dean Yan could not see anything. He thought she didn't know how to write the paper so that she gave up directly. He could not help but snort coldly, waiting for her to get out of the Yiyang High School.

When his eyes fell on an empty seat in the classroom, Dean Yan was stunned.

"Didn't Jerry come?"

Others might not know, but he knew that Jerry was not seriously injured at all. Jerry could be discharged from the hospital after resting for at most two days. But he hadn't returned to school yet. What happened?

At the same time, in the hospital, Jerry's whole body was covered with red rashes. As he scratched, the bloody marks were shocking. Not only did he not stop itching, but also made him more uncomfortable.

"Hurry up! Stop him! " Several doctors and nurses quickly controlled Jerry and pressed him on the bed. Jerry struggled and roared, seemingly in great pain.

Jerry's parents looked at their son worriedly, especially his mother, who was scared to cry.

"Doctor, how d

id my son become like this? He was fine before, wasn't he? "

Sweat broke out on the doctor's forehead. Obviously, he was very tired. Jerry didn't calm down until the nurse gave him a tranquilizer.

"After our preliminary diagnosis, the patient should be allergic, but the specific situation needs to be checked again."

"Allergic?" Jerry's mother immediately denied, "It's impossible. My son has never had any symptoms of allergy since he was a child, and he has been in hospital for several days. We have been taking care of him. How could he possibly come into contact with any allergy?"

The night before yesterday, Jerry suddenly got the skin rashes all over his body, itching and paining. There were no signs at all. And now it didn't get better, but more and more frightening.

The doctor pushed his glasses and looked serious. He couldn't figure out the reason.

Since he couldn't find the cause of the disease, he couldn't make the next diagnosis.

Seeing the flowers in the corner, the doctor was stunned and asked, "The flowers..."

The nurse hurried to bring the withered flowers. Jerry's mother asked in a hurry, "Is my son allergic to the flowers?"

Pollen allergy was the most common one.

But Jerry's situation was obviously more serious.

For a moment, the doctor couldn't give an answer.

Jerry's father immediately thought of the problem and asked, "Who sent the flowers?"

The nurse next to him answered, "It seems to be the classmate of the patient."

After all the subjects were finished, Rick collapsed on the desk and whined. Seeing that Albert was calmly packing up her books, he couldn't help but ask, "Bro, aren't you worried at all?"

"About what?"

Rick looked at her inconceivably. Then Albert took her schoolbag on her back and walked out of the classroom.

But she didn't expect that trouble would come to her so soon.

Jerry's parents stopped her at the school gate, obviously coming to blame her.

It was the end of class. Many students saw the farce as soon as they walked out of the school.

With a cold face, Jerry's father walked up to Albert and tried to suppress her with his authority. "Are you Albert Rong?"

Looking at his square face which resembled Jerry's, Albert knew who he was.

"What's up?"

Jerry's father was irritated by her cold attitude.

"Did you hurt my son?"

Raising her eyebrows, Albert asked, "Your son? Who is it? "

Jerry's mother rushed up angrily and roared, "Don't play dumb! Did you poison my son? Why are you so cruel! What did my son do to you? Why did you do such a vicious thing to my son?"

Albert's eyes turned cold.

Indeed, the rashes on Jerry's body were caused by her. She just taught him a lesson. It was already very kind of Albert that she didn't take his life. She didn't expect that they would turn against her. What Jerry had done to little Albert was enough to make him die a thousand times.

Jerry set her up, beat her up, bullied her, and even pressed her on the toilet. They did a lot of "little tricks" to little Albert every day. She just wanted to get some interest for the dead Albert. Couldn't Jerry bear it just for now?

Jerry's father stared at her and said coldly, "You are so vicious at such a young age. You should be fully responsible for my son! Where are your parents? Call your parents here. This is definitely not over! "

Albert looked around and found that not only the students, but also the teachers rushed over when they heard that the Secretary had come.

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