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   Chapter 24 One Person And One Cat

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However, Charles put the school badge into his pocket, pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "Do you mind if I come to your house?"

"Of course."

Albert thought, 'So you'd better get out of here as far as you can.'

"What an ungrateful little guy!" With a slight sigh, Charles smiled and said, "If you want your school badge, come and get it yourself."

Staring at his black trousers, Albert noticed the teasing in his eyes. She snorted and said, "Forget it. If you like it, I'll give it to you."

It was just a school badge. She didn't care about it so much.

She just didn't like it when her own things were in the hands of others.

Compared with the unimportant school badge, Albert preferred to stay away from Charles.

"But don't you really consider my suggestion?"

However, Charles was not angry at all. In other words, he had been used to keeping calm.

He always faced others in a disguised posture, it was difficult to see his true emotions.

Although Jerry was useless, his backer was not someone to be trifled with.

Although Albert was capable, it was still difficult for her to fight against them.

He could help her solve the problem, but she had to tell him the secret of the vase.

But apparently, Albert didn't want to agree.

To take revenge, of course, it was better for her to do it on her own.

If Charles helped her, it would save her a lot of trouble, but how could she take revenge for little Albert?

What's more, what Charles wanted was the secret of the rune manipulating skill. For this, Albert would rather die than tell Ashley. How could she let Charles know so easily now?

Staring at the receding figure of Albert, Charles pursed his thin lips slightly.

How many times had she ignored him?


For a prey, it would be fun to be disobedient, wouldn't it?

Charles slightly turned his eyes and looked at several people in the crowd who acted weirdly, with an interesting light flashing in his eyes.

After leaving the amusement park, Albert sent a message to Rick and Rena and went straight home.

Such a noisy place was not suitable for her, not to mention that she had to stay away from Charles.


Simba jumped out of the grass with a leaf on its head.

Albert picked it up and said in a disgusted tone.

"Why are you so dirty?"

Simba scratched its claws in grievance. "Master, you dislike me..."

"Okay, let's go home."

Albert put it on her shoulder and walked towards the opposite direction of the crowd.

A few figures quietly followed her. Simba's Sapphire like eyes narrowed and its little ears stood up.

"Master, there were some people following us."

Without changing her pace, Albert touched its head to comfort it.

"It's OK."

There were people passing by occasionally, so they wouldn't make a move so soon.

Besides, this place was not suitable for her to take actions.

Albert specially made a detour to a remote road, where even the street lamps were dark. The shadow on the ground was very light. The dark night shrouded the whole world, and also the people lurking in the night.

Those men had been following Albert, but after passing a corner, the teenager suddenly disappeared.

"Where is he?"

Those people were obviously confused. They looked around but didn't see anyone.

"Are you looking for me?"

A cold voice came. Those people looked to the direction of the voice and saw the teen

ager sitting on the wall, holding a white kitten in her hand. They were both careless, as if they didn't take the group of people seriously at all.

Those men couldn't help but get angry and shouted, "Bastard, get down!"

Lying in Albert's arms, Simba enjoyed the cool breeze in autumn and the touch of Albert, completely ignoring the people below.

'Humph! How dare you yell here? You are nothing compared to my master's little finger.' Simba thought.

"It seems that Jason has woken up. Did he ask you to come to me despite your safety?"

One of the men snorted, "How arrogant you are! How dare you hurt the young master of the Rong family? I think you don't want to live! "

The corners of Albert's mouth twitched, "Is he the master of the Rong family?"

What a coincidence! So was she.

"Cut the crap! Guys! Kill her as soon as possible! Revenge for Mr. Jason! "

Those men suddenly took out their pistols, loaded them quickly and aimed at Albert.

However, just at this moment, a few small stones shot towards them. Such a strong force made their wrists numb, and the pistols in their hands fell to the ground.

One of them stood behind and didn't get attacked. Seeing that his partners were all hit, he looked stern and immediately shot at Albert.

In a flash, Albert jumped off the wall, dodged the bullets and moved to him at a very fast speed.

The man widened his eyes and had no time to react. He only felt a pain in his wrist, and the pistol fell from his hand and fell into the hand of Albert.

The others waved their fists and rushed to Albert. Albert kicked them away directly.

Some of them had already picked up their pistols and shot towards Albert. Albert rolled around on the ground and shot at them.

"Ugh!" The sound of bullets entering the flesh, mixed with painful screams, one person was shot on the shoulder and fell to the ground. Seeing this, the others did not care about anything else but raised their guns and shot at Albert.

Fortunately, there was no one here. Otherwise, such a loud noise would inevitably cause a commotion.

Albert also knew that the gunshot was so sensitive that it would definitely cause trouble.

She must finish the battle as soon as possible.

All of a sudden, Albert sped up. Although she didn't kill them, she still made sure that they couldn't stand up.

It was not that she was softhearted, but that killing people in this place would bring her a lot of trouble.

What's more, she needed them to go back to report.

After she finished the last one, Albert turned the pistol in her hand a few times and turned it back behind her. A dark purple fire lit up the pistol and burned it to ashes.

"Go back and tell Jason that he'd better stay away from me if he doesn't want his photos to appear on the headlines tomorrow," said Albert in a cold voice.

Those people looked at Albert as if they were looking at a monster. They couldn't help trembling, not knowing whether it was because of pain or fear.

They had thought that she was just a kid who hadn't grown up, but they didn't expect that she could defeat so many well-trained bodyguards in succession, and she had the ability to dodge the bullets. Was she a human or not?

But since they could survive under her, they hurried to help each other and left.

Albert turned around and picked up the kitten on the ground. When she was about to go back, she suddenly noticed a strong sight.

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