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   Chapter 23 The Bottom Was Going To Take The Initiative

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 6862

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The lights were dim, and the amusement park was filled with revelry at night.

Albert had been dragged by Rick and his sister to play more than half of the amusement projects. They were so scared that their face turned pale and their legs became soft, but they were still excited to play again.

Rick leaned against the wall and looked at Albert with a sad face.

Albert was playing with them, but they both vomited and fainted. She was fine except that her hair was a little messy and her clothes were wrinkled.

Looking at the map in her hand, Rena closed her eyes and pointed the direction casually. Then she opened her eyes again with a smile on her face.

"Okay! Then let's play this! "

Rick glanced at it and felt his legs weak.

Ferris wheel! Help!

Looking at the huge Ferris wheel in front of her, Albert's handsome face looked obscure in the colorful light.

Rena and Rick had already walked ahead and asked Albert to come forward.

When Albert was about to walk up, her wrist was grabbed by someone.

Her eyes turned cold. She waved her fist at him without hesitation, but was easily controlled by him.

Charles held her fist with an evil smile on his face.

"You're very alert!"

Albert's face darkened.

Why was this guy again!

Was he following her all the time after she left the hospital?

Rena and Rick had been surrounded by the crowd to go forward.

After making sure that they were on the Ferris wheel, Albert looked at Charles coldly.

"Sir, what the hell do you want to do?"

She just kicked him and took his gun. They were even now. Why did he still hold her back?

"With such a bad temper. You really look like ...a little wolfhound."

Charles was not nearsighted, but he was used to wearing glasses. He looked very gentle, but in front of Albert, he was still a ruffian and ruthless man.

Albert couldn't break free from his grip.

She stood there, only reaching Charles's shoulder, but her aura was not weak at all, especially her eyes, which were half bright and half cold.

Charles slightly bent down and approached her. The light smell of tobacco mixed with lime, intertwined, inexplicably somewhat ambiguous.

More than one girl said excitedly that they were so handsome.

Some of them even secretly took out their phones to take photos.

Albert frowned and seemed unhappy.

With his eyes half closed, Charles smiled and said, "What's wrong? Is Mr. Albert not used to being praised? "

Albert looked at him coldly and harshly, and saw Charles take out a small school badge with her name on it.

The look in her eyes changed. Albert reached out her hand and tried to take it back. But how could Charles let her succeed?

He took a step back, but he didn't expect that there was an advertisement board behind him. As a result, Charles was pressed on the advertisement board by Albert.

The crowd gasped.

Someone shouted excitedly, "Is this bottom going to take the initiative?"

Albert didn't know what a bottom was.

But somehow, the face in front of her was very annoying.

"Give it back to me." Albert said coldly.

Being pressed like this, Charles was not annoyed. His long legs bent slightly to match with the posture of Albert.

His fingers twirled the school badge casually, and Charles approached her ear slightly and exhaled.

"I can give it back to you."

Albert wanted to dodge, but she felt that her sudden

reaction would arouse Charles's suspicion.

So she stood still and listened to Charles.

"As long as you tell me what happened to the vase last night?"

Charles didn't believe the coincidence.

Moreover, there were some things that could not be explained by science.

And so coincidentally the things were all happened to him.

He had been looking for a person for eighteen years, but the person was nowhere to be found.

It was not until last night that he saw the ability to take him back from death again.

No, it should be a similar ability.

He didn't see the Yellow rune, nor did he see how on earth Albert made the vase fly out and hit his hand.

So he just doubted it.

After all, this kind of thing was too inconceivable.

But he had seen it with his own eyes eighteen years ago.

Albert might not be the person he was looking for. But if they had the same or similar ability, he might be able to find the person through Albert.

The person who had tortured him for eighteen years...

Hearing that, Albert's pupils shrank. She was not sure what Charles meant.

What surprised her more was that he still remembered the plain vase after the chaos last night.

That vase was indeed weird. So he was wondering whether she had other accomplices or ...rune manipulating skill?

People only knew that the Rong family was famous for the mysterious rune manipulating skill, but no one had ever seen what the real rune manipulating skill was.

She was not sure if Charles knew something.

Even though she had a lot of thoughts in her mind, there was still coldness on Albert's face.

Charles stared at her eyes, as if he was prying into her heart.

In this situation, Albert had no choice but to play dumb.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Albert had never been so serious before.

With a light smile on his face, Charles said in a relaxed tone, "Bro, has anyone ever said that your serious look is really ...adorable. "

The word "adorable" was very light by him.

His charming eyes and mischievous smile were indescribable noble and elegant.

In the past, Albert didn't want to see him, but now she was curious about who he was.

Although the Gu family and Rong family did not interact with each other, she was once a friend of Darren. She had a general understanding of the Gu family. But she could not find out anything about Darren's little uncle, the master of the Gu family, Charles, whom Darren hated deeply.

Therefore, if there was such a person in the Gu family, it was impossible for her not to know.

Unless he was Charles...

This thought was only a flash, and was denied by Albert.

It was said that after Charles took over the position of the head of the Gu family, he had never stepped out of the Gu's villa. Moreover, he was the head of the Gu family who had countless enemies. If he came out, how could he come to this small town alone?

The two of them were so eye-catching that many people around them had already paid attention to them.

Glancing at the running Ferris wheel, Albert said in an indifferent tone, "I'm sorry, uncle. I have to go back to do my homework now. Can you return my school badge to me?"

As soon as she finished speaking, a girl beside them said excitedly, "Wow! The love between uncle and nephew? It's so shocking! "

Albert's face darkened. What was the little girl thinking about all day long?

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