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   Chapter 22 Announce The News Of Albert's Death

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 7234

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At the same time, in the villa of the Rong family in the Imperial City.

In the gorgeous white European style room, the wind passed through the big French window and blew up the gauze curtain. The person lying on the big round bed suddenly woke up. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the darkness of the room, her heart beating fast.

The door was pushed open. Ashley's mother Ramona Qiu turned on the light in the room, and Ashley closed her eyes uncomfortably.

"Ash, what's wrong?" Ramona walked quickly to the bed, sat on it and looked at her with concern.

Ashley threw herself into Ramona's arms, her face was pale.

"Mom..." She called Ramona in a trembling voice.

Ramona patted her on the shoulder to comfort her. She was over forty years old, and her face was somewhat similar to that of Ashley, but she didn't look old at all. She said gently, "Did you have a nightmare?"

With a hint of panic in Ashley's eyes, she grabbed the sleeves of Ramona and said anxiously, "I dreamed of Albert. I dreamed that he was back and he came back to take revenge on us."

Ramona frowned, still coaxing very patiently, "Ash, it's just a dream. Albert is dead. What are you afraid of?"

Ramona's words couldn't calm Ashley down.

That dream was so real.

She watched Albert climb out of the fire. "He" looked like a demon, shouting to take her to hell.

Ashley's fingers turned pale because of overexertion, and she seemed to be in a trance.

"Ash." Stroking Ashley's hair gently, Ramona said in a soft but determined tone, "Albert is dead. Darren had personally ordered to set fire and burnt him to death. His corpse has been burned to ashes. How could he come back?"

Ashley stared at her mom in a daze.

Yes, she saw Albert die with her own eyes.

After all, she was just too afraid of Albert.

Her "brother" was only a few years older than her, but Albert was more frightening than anyone else.

Although Albert was young and usually lazy, everyone knew that the master of the Rong family was also notorious as the evil star of the Gu family.

Ashley enjoyed Albert's love, but she was also jealous of Albert's talent and power.

Especially when she knew that she was not the daughter of the Rong family, she was more eager to grasp these things that did not belong to her.

"Just dress yourself up. Darren is waiting for you downstairs."

Ramona didn't stay long. She knew that Ashley was not the kind of delicate lady from a rich family. Ashley was even crueler than her.

No matter how vicious Ramona was in the past, she just set up Albert's father, Gavin Rong. She was able to enter the Rong family by taking advantage of the child she was pregnant with other man, which was also known as Ashley. She didn't even think about getting rid of Albert's mother and becoming the legal wife by herself.

Because she knew that no matter it was Gavin, Jonathan or the seemingly weak woman, they were not easy to deal with.

Let alone Albert.

However, it turned out that Ashley dared to hurt the three of them, first Jonathan and his daughter-in-law, and then Albert.

Ramona had to admit that she was very proud of her daughter.

Even if she used to be a prostitute, so what? Even if Ashley's biological father was unknown, so what?

In the end, they still occupied the Rong family and became the master of it.

As for the family of Albert, they'd better go to hell to reunite.

Standing in the corridor on the second floor, Ashley saw Darren sitting on the sofa in the living room. The light above his head made his face more handsome and brilliant like a


The son of the first wife in Gu family, Darren, was also a famous young talent in Imperial City.

Without relying on the forces of the Gu family and Charles, Darren established the Starry Entertainment Company and became a tycoon in the entertainment circle. Now, Ashley was the one that was highly praised by him. At such a young age, she had won countless awards. There were even many people claiming that she would be the second international actress, Sherry Ning.

It was also because of Albert that Ashley was able to hook up with Darren.

Albert and Darren used to be good friends. It was Albert who introduced Ashley to Darren. Therefore, Darren signed Ashley under the name of Starry Entertainment Company. For the sake of Albert, Darren gave all the good resources to Ashley. After a while, the two people fell in love with each other.

Albert was glad to see that they had become a couple. She even said that if Ashley married Darren in the future, she would prepare a big dowry for her sister.

The corners of Ashley's mouth twitched.

No matter how much Albert could offer, it was nothing compared to the whole Rong family.

She tidied up her dress and went downstairs gracefully.

Darren, who was listening carefully to Ramona's speech, heard the movement and immediately turned his head, and saw Ashley walking down gracefully. She seemed to prefer white. Today she wore a white strapless dress, outlining her good figure. Her hair was casually scattered, and her beautiful eyes were watery. When she looked at Darren, it was all unabashed affection.

However, Darren noticed that although Ashley had a smile on her face, her face was still very pale. He could not help but ask worriedly, "What's wrong with you, Ash? Are you not feeling well? Otherwise, you don't have to go to the dinner party today. "

"She had a nightmare just now," said Ramona dotingly, knowing her daughter well Then her tone became a little dimmer. "Maybe she is still thinking about her brother. She always feels sorry for her brother."

Darren's eyes flickered, with undisguised disgust and indifference on his face.

Just for a moment, when he looked at Ashley again, his eyes were full of tenderness.

"Ash, he is just a dead person. Why are you sad for him?"

"Darren..." Leaning against Darren's chest, Ashley said in a trembling voice, "I'm just afraid. Do you think my brother will blame us? Obviously ...we don't want him to die either... "

Darren patted her back and said, "It's his own request to die. What does it have to do with us?"

Ashley bit her lower lip, "But I haven't found the key to the black box. I'm afraid..."

Speaking of this, Darren's face changed and his tone became more serious.

"Albert didn't want to tell us, but I think it must still be in the Rong family. Don't worry. When you take over the Rong family, everything will be fine."

Ashley looked at him with her watery beautiful eyes and said, "Darren, you will help me, right?"

Darren smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Silly girl, you are my fiancée. I'll always stand by your side."

Taking a look at her watch, Ramona interrupted the two of them and said with a smile, "Well, well. If you talked any longer, you will be late for the dinner."

Darren nodded and said, "Auntie, then I'll take Ash with me."

Sitting in the car and looking at the lights outside, Ashley found that the rows of high-rise buildings were all under the control of the Rong family.

She suddenly said, "Darren, let's announce his death to the public..."

Darren paused and nodded slowly.

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