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   Chapter 19 Being Discredited

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"You ...what nonsense are you talking about? " Dean Yan said angrily, "What does it have to do with the background of Jerry? Fighting is prohibited in the school. So many people saw that you hit Jerry first. Is there anything wrong with my punishment? "

The temperature in Albert's eyes gradually cooled down.

Yes, there were so many people. They only saw that she hit Jerry first, but no one saw how Jerry bullied Albert before.

"What's more, Jerry is a well-known good student. You made him hospitalized this time. If he fell behind the lessons, it may affect Jerry's future. You must apologize to Jerry."

"Good student?" A cold smile hung on the corner of Albert's mouth.

Dean Yan snorted, "A week later, Jerry will take part in a math competition in the city on behalf of our school, but now he is hospitalized by you. You not only hurt your classmate, but also damage the honor of the school. You must be expelled. Is there anything improper?"

Albert casually played with the school badge in her hand and said, "As you were saying, if I can win the honor for our school instead of Jerry, then the account will be written off once and for all?"

Dean Yan was stunned by what Albert said.

Miss Xin pulled the sleeve of Albert and felt a little worried.

Albert didn't get good grades. As long as she passed all the exams, she would be fine, let alone taking part in any math competition.

After a long while, Dean Yan trembled his fingers and said angrily, "You ...what do you think the school is? A place where you could mess around? As for your performance, everyone in the school knows that you can't pass any exams. Do you want to compete in a math contest? Do you want to embarrass our school? "

Albert stood up slightly, even one head taller than Dean Yan, which made people feel a little stressful.

She said in a plain tone, "Dean Yan, if I can get the first place in this mid-term examination, I will represent the school to participate in the math competition, and absolutely win the first place. If not, I'm willing to be at the disposal of you. What do you think?"

Dean Yan's eyes twinkled slightly, as if he was suspecting, but he was a little tempted.

On the other hand, Jerry meant that he should teach Albert a good lesson. But as a teacher, even if he wanted to help Jerry, he couldn't be too blatant. Therefore, it seemed to be the most "fair" and the cruelest way to send Albert away from school.

But now that Albert had said that if she couldn't win the first place, she would be at the mercy of Jerry...

By then, it would be none of his business.

It was obvious to all that Albert's grades were poor and the mid-term exam would be the day after tomorrow. Even if she wanted to cram, she might not have time.

So he didn't have to wait for the math competition at all. Maybe Albert would be expelled after the mid-term exam.

After weighing the pros and cons, Dean Yan pretended to nod in embarrassment.

"Since you are so repentant, I will give you a chance ...but you still have to apologize to Jerry. "

Albert glanced at him as if she was mocking him, and nodded obediently.

That's right. She had beaten Jerry into the hospital, of course ...she should pay him a visit.

After waiting for half a class uneasily, Rick couldn't help but want to rush to the dean's office. He saw that Albert came back safe and sound, with no superfluous expression on her face.

Rick widened his eyes in surprise and asked, "Didn'

t Dean Yan embarrass you?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Dean Yan walking over with his hands clasped behind his back. Standing on the platform, Dean Yan told the classmates what had happened in the office just now, and especially emphasized the promise that Albert had just made.

All of a sudden, the whole class was boiling with excitement. They all looked at Albert with a playful look.

Albert's expression was light, and Rick beside her was so scared that his face turned pale.

"Buddy, are you crazy?"

Glancing at him, Albert sat down on her seat.

Rick rushed up unwillingly and his tone was a little irritable, "Hey, you really don't want to stay in Yiyang High School, do you? How could you say that in front of Dean Yan? Do you know what will happen if you fail to do it? "

It might be a piece of cake for Albert to be expelled by Yiyang High School, but if she confronted Jerry, she would bear the stain for the rest of her life.

Albert was not the same as Rick. Rick had his father. If he made any mistakes in the past, his father could just deal with it with money.

Rick also knew about Albert.

She was raised in her aunt's house, but she did not have enough to eat or warm clothes to wear, and was forced to do all kinds of work.

It was her own efforts that she was able to enter the Yiyang High School.

Although her grades had dropped in the past three years, she managed to muddle through until graduation.

But now, if Albert made a little mistake, she would lose her diploma.

The more Rick thought about it, the more depressed he became. He wanted to rush out and talk to Dean Yan.

"I know," said Albert suddenly.

Rick looked at her in a daze and heard her continue, "But if we don't do this, how can we step on Jerry again?"

"You ...what do you mean? "

The corners of Albert's mouth twitched.

Jerry wanted to trample her on the ground, and she also wanted him to be thoroughly discredited.

She had said that she wouldn't let go of anyone who had hurt Albert.

This was also the last wish of little Albert.

During the whole day, there was a rumor that Albert, who was in Class Three, Grade Three of the high school, announced shamelessly that he wanted to win the first place in the mid-term exam. In the past, most of the time, Valerie got the first place in the exam, so the rumor spread like virus. In the end, it became Albert's revenge on the "love letter" incident. Because of love and hatred, he wanted to compete with his "sweetheart", Valerie.

It was Sophia who told Valerie the news.

"That guy has gone too far. Who does he think he is? Why is he so ignorant? It's okay that he had the guts to write a love letter to you before, but now he even wants to fight for the first place with you shamelessly... I'd like to see how badly he will lose! "

At first, Valerie was very impatient because Sophia came to bother her. After listening to her words, somehow, Valerie felt a little happy.

"Sophia, you just said that Albert ...Is it because of me that he said so? "

"Yes, everyone said so, it should be right."

Holding the pen tighter, Valerie lowered her head and couldn't help smiling.

"No, I have to find someone to teach him a lesson! I can't watch him being so arrogant! "

Sophia was about to call for help, but was stopped by Valerie anxiously.

"What are you doing? If he has the ability to win, let's just watch him. We don't want to be accused of bullying others. "

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